Thursday, January 01, 2009


The title says it all,01.01.09.

Yesterday, everybody took their last drink, smoked their last cigar, told their last lie, ------(add your vice here). 

I've got good news and ugly news. 
Good news is that on january first, billions of people out there have already made resolutions and promises about what they are going to achieve this (new)year.
Want to know the ugly news? By the end of january,majority would have abandoned their reformations,better yet thrown it to the winds. They forget their goals alltogether, crawling their way back to bad habits and vices with open arms. At least another year will come and they will make those promises again. Now isnt that food for thought.

As the fireworks pierced through the early morning skies this morning in celebrations, as people hugged and slapped each other on the back with faces that gleamed with genuine and not so genuine happiness-all i could think was, why celebrate at all ? And don't get me wrong, i was happy too,no doubt about it. I guess my thoughts just had a calming effect on me that's all.  

Okay i lied. What i felt was an emptiness on new year's day! There i got that out,phew!
I guess i was having 2008 flashbacks, i mean we all have that don't we? The achievements, the flops, the relationships, the disappointments et al.

But have you ever really sat down to figure things out?
lf you havent well i have,and i've got only one word :numbers. 
Yes numbers. Everything about our lives here on earth are just numbers (obviously). 
See below calculation for reference.

Months: 12
Weeks: 52
Days : 365
Hours : (365*24) = 8760
Minutes : (8760*60) = 525,600
Seconds : (525,600*60) = 31,536,000

So with the new year -which is actually a continuation of days,weeks and months, what is really the big deal? And hey,what makes you think you can stop an habit which you still carried out a day before(last year), and a day after(new year), there you are convincing yourself you are gonna quit.
 I mean am i missing something here ?

I guess my point is -why can't everyday be a new year then? Why wait for some date (31st) to start writing resoultions and goals. Why can't every month be a new year of sorts. Food for thought!

So today is the first day of the year, first day of the month 2009. 2008 went by some hours ago! 
Let everyday be a new year for you. Much Love. XXholaXX

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