Wednesday, June 17, 2009

-Beautiful Dream Of Mine-

Quote of the day:

Blessed are those who can give without remembering, and take without forgetting
-Princess Elizabeth Asquith Bibesco

All alone in a deserted island.
With the sun sparkling unto the waters.
I reminisce about you being there.
With me and you all alone.

Gazing unto your brown eyes.
I seem to shiver with cold.
I touch your delicate face.
And i feel your ebony skin.

I see a dreamy look in your eyes.

As you brush your lips with mine.
Arousing a feeling of exciting adventure.
burning with intensity and pleasure.
I feel your firmness against me.
Soft, gentle and so electrifying.
Pushing my imagination to the last.

As waves crash upon us from ashore.

Can't cry out loud but can only moan...

Out your name as my heart thumps loudly.
With so much energy ready to burst out.

As we rock to the rhythms and passion..
Of fire ignited in us with so much..
Breathtaking and pure wet emotion.

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  1. err... an old romantic interest or a new one???

  2. :( you're giving me graggs. translate as 'i like'. *must not drink and comment*

  3. Oya,
    for those who wanna capture my beaurriful heart, come read this oh!
    Blogoratti, i am sending u my heart-throbs oh!

  4. beautiful. this has so much passion in it!!! yes, an old romantic interest or a new one lol

  5. lol@ danny

    Blog, is this one of those "awwww" moments?

    I love the quote you put up.....if we all did that, there would be less enmity. I have come to appreciate the importance of remembering and forgetting certain things when it comes to give and take. I have met people who have taken offence at others because they did not appreciate or recognize the fact that they gave them a cup of water 20 years ago. I have met people who do not remember the help they rendered, even when they are constantly appreciated and reminded.

  6. hmmmm that is all i have to say. hmmmm.

    nice quote..

  7. hmm
    and this was a dream..
    wonder what happens in real life..

  8. @akaBaGucci,err no comment.

    @Kmplx,yea you really mustn't drink and comment,hehe! Thanks.

    @chayoma,ooooh Heart-throbs*

    @Miss Natural,err no comment,hehe.

    @naijagirl,yes it's one of those moments where you go....

    @BSNC,Hnmmm is all you have to say? No. Oya say more..

  9. It's the quote that actually got my attention...."give without remembering...take without forgetting" - Profound!

  10. lol i said nice quote now.. okay shey you want me to say something. so is it a new or an old romatic interest. I have said something now. you better answer me oo.

  11. @Enkay,gotta luv that quote.

    @BSNC,no comment o!

  12. oo I love your quote of the stealing it! hopefully you not my friend on facebk! hehehe...
    my favorite spoken word poet, how you now? its been a long time since I said hallo, wait did u finally learn a new language?
    and yet again you have done it, I will say its about a girl you are yet to meet. enjoy ur wknd!

  13. oooh Blogoratti very very nice. I like! :)

  14. Please check out my new post on

  15. @*Abeni*,hi ya. I've been doing just fine o, and as per the language thing-yer i'm still on the french lessons, but right now i'm on a long hiatus from that,lol.
    How are you doing?
    Hey thanks for checking in..

    @Tigeress,appreciate that,thanks. Yes i'm going to check out your post now..

  16. verrry sexy B'ratti...
    very sexy...

  17. Why thank you miss!
    Glad you approve.

  18. Hot!
    And I love your quotes.
    Thanks for sharing.
    And thanks for your comment on my blog. I appreciate it.

  19. oooh la la!!! kinda gently passionate eh...i like it

  20. @Adaeze,aww you are most welcome, and glad you like. Thanks for dropping by. Nice weekend!

    @*Diane*,passionate-yep just a little,hehe. Nice seeing you on here*


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