Friday, June 19, 2009

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Hourglass Of Thoughts

Quote of the day:

The worst sin - perhaps the only sin - passion can commit, is to be joyless
-Dorothy L. Sayers

Randomly thinking..
So i live a day at a time and 24 hours-twenty four hours seems like a lot of time to accomplish some things right and at the same time it is not even sufficient to chase dreams. So all we do is chase many things at once,but when we reach the 24hr limit another day has gone and another chapter has closed in the book of our lives. Hours and minutes mixed together only equals time. Time is money. Money makes the world go round like the saying goes. But who knows tomorrow? Nobody knows but come to think of it knowing tomorrow would take away the hope that we feel, the deep intake of air in the morning while watching the sun come up, the endless opportunities that heralds a brand new day.If we were privy to how tomorrow would unfold that in itself would pretty much narrow things down a bit i think.


One day things would come to a stop. Everything must end at some point. Everything begins with a thought and ends with one! It's not enough to just exist and not make a change but what is more or rather the ultimate is to live life and be a good example to others. I do not think i have begun to even live right and i think about this one aspect and how to put more energy into it that would light up the whole essence of why i am here-on this planet. I admire a lot of things and i see the passion with which people go about their dreams and it only spurs me on to be even better to go that extra mile and to aim higher than the stars in the night skies. So i chose daily to be happy no matter what because sadness can only last so long.

Why be joyless when you can be joyful?
Why hold on to the past when you can just let go?
Why be nobody when you can become somebody...

So in effect what we chase throughout our lifetimes.....
At last end up chasing us instead.

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  1. time is money!

    joining ur joyful train

  2. from today i'll dream big, work hard to make my dreams a reality and I won't let go of hope :)

  3. Hmm.. So you know you're gonna have to break down that last line for me.. "At last end up chasing us instead"

    So what's chasing us..? Time? Success? Our dreams for tomorrow?

  4. yes sadness can only lasts so long. true story, be happy jare..

  5. @chayoma,yep it's a train to joyful land,hop on board.

    @Miss Natural,don't let go,that's it*

    @Roc,"At last end up chasing us instead"...whatever we chase-it gets to a point that it turns round to chase us-time,success,dreams too...

    @BSNC,Be joyful and happy too. Thanks

  6. ur right...24hrs seem like a lot of time to accomplish a lot but at the end of the day..u realise uve accomplished nothing much.nice one.

  7. I started singing that naija song "time na money eh, time na money"

  8. Thank you. Right as always.


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