Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Freedom & Yours

Quote of the day:

Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.
-Albert Einstein

Feeling like i need to get up and do something..
Make a change or something...

In a room
locked in from the outside
an enormous wall separates
Me from freedom...

You see i've been forced made to believe
All my life that nothing was ever possible...

Inside this prison of mine.
written words on the walls..
from prisoners there before me...

i was told no one ever remained escaped..
i could see the writings on the wall.

I planned my escape in a painstaking manner
i just had to be free you see...

The world awaited me with open arms..
i wasn't ready to disappoint her.

So one night i reviewed my secret plan.
i gathered my tools and set to work...
hour after hour i laboured
with only one thought in mind.

Current Listen: Macy Gray -Do Something


  1. Freedom...(freedom)
    FREEdom .....(freedom)


  2. Single minded determination to be free.

    I love the analogy you used for this message. I will carry it with me all the times I get discouraged. Thank you.

  3. its all about determination..

  4. @chayoma,you go girl,lol

    @Cidersweet,you love the analogy,aww nice. Appreciate that.

    @BSNC,you got that right.

  5. tight. did you make it through?

  6. @kmplx,i am making it through. Thank you..

  7. i feel that way everyday
    like waking up n making a change

    life is too short
    nice poem :)

  8. you feel like making a change? You sure you havent been making any impact? I can think of one or two positive changes you have made......I will be rooting for you as you make the changes.

    God knows we need positive changes in this life

  9. Freedom!!! Reminds me of south african songs when they were crying for their freedom.

    we need freedom from lots of things in life

  10. @sweetness,yeah life is definitely too short..make the best of it now.

    @naijagirl,that was really touching. Nice lookin' out NG. Thanks!

    @afrocouture,freedom from a lot of things-you're right.


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