Sunday, June 28, 2009

Week Of New Beginnings

Quote of the day:

Confidence, like art, never comes from having all the answers; it comes from being open to all the questions -Earl Gray Stevens

Hi people!
How y'all been. It sure has been one heck of a week...
Highs and lows...R.I.P MJ.

My week was great...
mostly work and no play..
In the end i accomplished 100% of my goals..
All in all it was a week of reminiscing..amongst other things.

Currently reading: 'Cracking the Networking CODE' by Dean Lindsay.
A line from the book reads: ..'Everyone has a need to talk and be heard. Treat others as if they are the most important people on the planet because -in their minds they are. Everyone wants to feel that they are significant and have meaningful ideas to share. Turn people ON to you by tuning IN to them'...

How deep is that?...

My Plans For The Week
1. Think: Solutions -not problems.
2. Have some 'Me' time.
3. Treat others with respect.
4. Mingle with people that 'lift up' rather than 'bring down'.
5. Read a book.
6. Blog more.
7. Have a positive attitude.
8. Visualize,focus and achieve.
9. Meditate & Exercise.
10. Call old & new friends just to say hello.
11. Relax with music.
12. Never stop dreaming.

A new week of new beginnings..
Think of how you can make changes not only to yourself-but to people around you.
Remember think of solutions not problems...

Have a Joyous week!

Current Listen: India Arie -Therapy



  1. i love that networking quote...def true!

  2. yeah tis deep, i can like to borrow out of your plans

  3. That was a good quote. i've had a napped and no more procrastinating!!!!! p.s your friends must love you, you never forget about them :) Have a great week!

  4. Hmm that quote is def very interesting..

  5. sounds like a preety fulfilling week!!!
    have a wonderful week and try and do all u said o! xxxx

  6. @leggy,yep. Def true!

    @Rene,go ahead with that. Makes for a great plan,no?

    @Miss Natural,my friends had better love
    Have a fantastic week yea.

    @Brokeass,it sure is uhn. How you?

    @~Chocolate and Caramel~,i sure will. Have a nice week too.

  7. Feeling the quote from the book. Makes a lot of sense.

    I dey like these your weekly resolutions. Well mine is that I need to head back to the gym.

  8. a 100% wow mehh. that is a nice...

  9. i wana be like you when i grow up. pumping out resolutions like that.

    Maldita sea, You're the man

  10. @Original Mgbeke,thank you for that. And hey the gym doesn't sound like a bad idea*


    @cerberus,lol. No sir,you're the man!

  11. woop, woop 100% yeah yeah yeah!!! congrats!
    your plans for the week resonate w/ me. esp #4: surrounding yourself w/ ppl who are "gardeners" they don't b.s u, but they encouurage and nurture you..very important!

  12. I'm going to start with the week plan, seems like a nice idea

  13. @*Diane*,lol@you doing woop woop again.. Gardeners who nurture,that's it for me..thanks for dropping by*

    @African gurl,do give it a helps a lot to make plans.
    Good lookin' out!

  14. i am a great advocate of numba 2
    i love ur quote
    in our minds, we r terribly important n we want to be heard
    umm... new frnds, sweetness isnt so sure bou that ryt now
    maybe next week

  15. @sweetness, i hear you loud and clear...have a great week,yea*

  16. but what if they dont have meaningful ideas to share...(meaningful being relative) how am i supposed to prevent from tuning them out?

    B u always have a fresh outlook on life...certainly ultra-morbid CC needs to i am all about having people who inspire you around....if u r always the one doing the nuturing and inspiring you've got to get some new friends....if people you have around you aren't contributing anything to your development as a human being...might be time to 'network' and get some new is cetainly too short for bad belly people and their bad energy! hope u have a swell week B!!

  17. @CultureCynic, feel you on that one..
    But seriously if people around you aren't pushing you up,it's time to jump ship literally..move on to some good energy type ish.
    My week couldn't be any better,hope you are having a grand one,eh CC?


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