Sunday, October 24, 2010

Plans For The Week

Quote of the day:
Future pains should not make present joys diminish.
-Author Karl. E

Hello everyone.

How is it going with y'all...great i hope. It's just a week left in the month of October...
Be sure to make the best of it-make it count!

Plans For The Week
1. Be my own inspiration.
2. Work harder. Be better than yesterday.
3. Experience inner peace.
4. Enjoy the outdoors,eat healthy,workout.
5. Blog and read.
6. Get things done at the right time.
7. Do some personal research.
8. Mix with creative minds.
9. Make each day,hour,minute,second, count.
10. Keep dreaming Big!

So there goes a list of my plans...have you made yours yet?
Enjoy the last week of the month of October. Remember...future pains should not make present joys diminish*

Much Love.


  1. #6 is my plight in this month and the next. Thanks Bloggo for always sharing your lists.

  2. Get things done at the right time! yeah!!! I have a long list that stacks up by the week. God help me!!

    thanks for sharing ;)

  3. Dubbing from your list Asap!
    You know how it is na.. lol
    Have a great week..
    Hope you achieve your aim..

  4. @Jaycee: Hello, you are welcome-thanks for dropping by.

    @ neefemi: Thank you miss.

    @ jabez: All the best! Thank you.

    @ 2cute4u: I know i know..hehe. Have yourself a great week yea*

  5. love your weekly plan...hope it goes accordingly.

  6. this list looks so achievable :)
    thanks for sharing that quote,I'm copying and sharing asap :D

  7. Making each moment count and keep dreaming big! Very apt at this time..

    Have a great week dear..

  8. No 4, No 4, No 4...that's what my mind needs to re-focus on right now....falling off the wagon too many times

    thanks Blogo.

  9. @everyone: Thank you,appreciate your stopping by*

  10. The workout regime is hard, man!
    I planned to get on the treadmill twice a day but now can only manage once a day.

    I'm working on er...sticking to the plan. I will try to be my own inspiration and keep that thought while I'm on the treadmill!

    Nice quote at the beginning and end on present joys.

  11. @mochagoddes i am very impressed for insightful gave me ideas of my own,good work .i love the point about being my own inspiration thts defn smethng we shld all undertake.xxoo


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