Tuesday, November 02, 2010

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A Reminder

Quote of the day:
It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see
-Henry David Thoreau

I keep daily and weekly schedules, reminders most times.
And this helps...
To manage my time and resources well.

Each day is like a new present to be opened...full of surprises.

Therefore, my focus each morning is on-having a swell day filled with learning, warmth and laughter...no matter what happens.

I am still learning to focus my energy more on positive thinking- and less worrying...

You should try it out too!

It changes your perspective about everything. It calms your nerves-and you find yourself laughing at things that would ordinarily get you all worked up.

Stay calm and focused in this new month!

Book of The Day

I am currently reading -'The Thing On the Doorstep' by H.P. Lovecraft

Nice week folks...positive thinking always!

Current Listen: Mad World- Gary Jules


  1. Positive mind set staying focus is Key! Keep up the Good work Bro


  2. @Joneskoya: Hey good lookin' out bro, thank you for stopping by. Cheers!

  3. "Each day is like a new present to be opened...full of surprises."

    ...The power of positive thinking, no doubt.

  4. @ Naijalines: Why thank you for that!

  5. A Positive mindset makes everyday worth living

  6. @ 2cute4u: Hi ya. Cheers!

    @'Lara: True that...

  7. You always make it short, insightful and inspiring. Happy new week and new month bloggo! :)

  8. ive actually been applying some of the things u mention to my life, even when i have a bad day i almost always laugh or smile about something, maybe a funny memory or a corny joke lol...have a nice week ahead btw is that book good? i need a new book to read!

  9. Positive thinking is something that I have to really really focus on. It can be difficult at times.

  10. I love that quote & I'll be sure to check out the book

  11. @ Juanita: Appreciate that,nice of you to stop by-and hey lovely week ahead.

    @ Onose: That's great to know. Laughter is the key...hehe.
    Yes the book is quite okay too :)

    @ Hayden Life: Wish you success as you focus on that. Cheers!

    @ I'm Alee: Thanks for dropping by alee.


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