Sunday, December 05, 2010

Weekly Plans

Quote of the day:
Popularity is not an indication of quality.
-Vanna Bonta

How is everyone faring out there-very well I hope.
Happy new month-and all that.

Plans For The Week
1. Take stock of plans for the year.
2. Write/map out new aspirations.
3. Help someone in need.
4. Enjoy all of life's moments.
5. Seek more inspiration from others.
6. Outdo myself.
7. Blog more...also read too.
8. Call up people just to say hello.
9. More sleep, less worry.
10. Never give up.

So there it goes. Have you made yours yet?

On the 17th this blog will be 2yrs old....a great journey it's been no doubt.

Lesson learned: You can do anything- once you put your mind and energy into it.

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Peace & Love.

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  1. i wanted to pick my favorite plan out of your top 10. then i realized, i like all of them!! nice list here bro!

    Advance happy blog anniversary. to the 2nd year and more!!!

    oh... i always watch out for your current listen. hehehe!1 Love "time after time"

  2. @jabez: Hello miss. Nice of you to drop by-and hey glad you like the plans,wink*

    Thanks for anniversary wish, i'm looking forward to that.

    Current listen...that's the highlight of my posts :)

    Cheers, and happy new week!

  3. Wow 2 years huh? Nice!!!! Hopefully you'll keep it going.


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