Monday, July 16, 2012


Quote of the day: 
The belief that one's own view of reality is the only reality is the most dangerous of all delusions.
-Paul Watzlawick

Two rats were fighting in the morning sun.
Their names were Rattus and Ratatat.
Through encrypted mediums I deduced that...
They were feuding over this and that.

I overhead them talking about battalions and plutonium.
It was just outside my bedroom window.
So I told them to lower their noise.
But I was ignored so I threw a pillow.

It floated in the warm air for a bit you see.
And landed far away from the fighting duo.
They stopped and laughed at my bad aim.
Mimicking my throw blow by blow.

So there I stood looking down at them.
Feeling powerless. Like a plant...flowerless. 
I could almost hear them say 'Try again'...
But I just stood there nevertheless.

Next thing I know they shook hands.
Took one last look at me, laughed and scampered away.
I just saved a war between two rat colonies.
But no audience was there to witness the interplay.

Great week folks!! 

Current Listen: John Legend -Best You Ever Had


  1. Thought-provoking this.

  2. @'Lara: Why thank you miss.

    @SAMUEL EKUNDAYO: Glad you found it interesting. Cheers bro!

  3. *no audience was there to witness the interplay*
    ...can say this about some days

  4. Oh wow! I love the rime on this.

  5. @flygirlbidiish: I know right.

    @seye: Thanks for that.

    @Tamie: Glad you like*

    Akibo tommie: Thank you :)

  6. Nice poem, very thought-full.


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