Monday, December 3, 2012

The Dark Side

Quote of the day: 
I knew nothing but shadows and I thought them to be real. 
-Oscar Wilde

I want to stop listening to the silent voices.
That lurk in the darkest valleys.
And by dark I mean...
A black and white photograph.
Of shadowy silhouettes.
Of moonless nights and...
Of the colour of your eyes.
Of the black dress...and stockings.
Of all our darker sides.
And when the darkness whispers.
When the earth eavesdrops...
Can you hear the raindrops?
In pursuit of distant lights.
If only our echoes could be heard.
Even with questions answered.
We still seek new encounters.
Every breath brings us closer.
Every step takes us further.
In the darkness that envelopes us.
In the light that we forever embrace.
Our thoughts engraved with timeless memories.
The source of which remains unsolved mysteries.

Happy December. 
Peace & Love!

Current Listen: The Weeknd Ft. Drake -The Zone


Rhapsody B. said...

Intriguing words.

how all is well.
stay blessed.

Abi Tobi said...
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Abi Tobi said...


Adura Ojo (Naijalines) said...


blogoratti said...

@Rhapsody B.: Greetings to you, and all is well. Nice seeing you on here, cheers!

@Abi Tobi: Really? Thank you.

@Adura Ojo (Naijalines): Glad you find it so :)

sugarspring said...

c'est bon monsieur

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