Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Poem: Our creation

Quote of the day:
In a time of destruction, create something. -Maxine Hong Kingston

The earth moved...
With dusts unraveled
Across mystic spheres

I floated across vacuums
Just to get nearer to you
Even atmospheric intrusions
Left us spellbound continuously too

The earth moved...
Pulsating fluctuating vibrating
Within cryptic frontiers

We plunged into luminary elevations
In comfort of another existence
Miniature third dimensions
Eclipsing our spatial coexistence

The earth Moved...

Current Listen: - Hozier -Run


  1. The earth moved reads like the beginning of a love story

  2. It does? Hehe, many thanks for dropping by!

  3. Happy new year mister, been a while.

    Welcome back to blogsville

  4. @Lara: Thank you for the warm welcome, and glad to be back. Have a great year ahead!

    @Hekyma: Many thanks!

  5. This reminds me of a cake I made recently that sank in the middle. I was going to do a raspberry glaze and then apply a cream cheese frosting. But since it sank in the middle, i just filled the center with the raspberry filling and covered it all with the cream cheese frosting and served, and everyone loved it. out of a failure, I created something new


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