Tuesday, May 26, 2015

11 Things I Love About Life and Living

Quote of the day:

We are sun and moon, dear friend; we are sea and land. It is not our purpose to become each other; it is to recognize each other, to learn to see the other and honor him for what he is: each the other's opposite and complement. -Hermann Hesse

These are the eleven things that I love about life.

1. I like certain things the way they are...
2. I like when people stand for something because of their belief system or personal principles.
3. I like raindrops even though umbrellas aren't my thing.
4. I love to see lightening unleashing itself through the skies.
5. I love life
6. I love laughter.
7. I love awkward moments.
8. I like mismatched socks.
9. I like getting lost in a good book.
10. I like staying awake with a thousand thoughts dancing before my eyes.
11. And I love the fact that nothing is permanent and that beauty lies in change.

Peace & Love*

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  1. hehe, I like mismatched socks too. And walking in the rain without an umbrella.

    1. I love the eleven things you love about life as well - seems we share similar traits :)

  2. @dolorah: Ah...we can be friends then, come lets go find some socks to wear!

  3. I love awkward moments too and like getting lost in a good book:-)

  4. I love alittle weirdness and craziness..lool..nothing beats that


  5. Keep writing, it is beautiful. You have the talent. http://www.bellofpeace.org

  6. @Titis Passion: Very nice, appreciate your comment!

    @glowy shoe: Indeed nothing at all, how are you...thanks a lot!

    @Bell of Peace: Hello, thank you for your kind words and nice of you to drop

  7. Mismatched socks, FTW :)

    Your positivity is infectious!

  8. I like certain things the way they are.
    I like the smell of rain
    And I like your positivity.

  9. A good list... I too love watching lightning "unleashed" from the skies.

  10. I love watching lightening... I love walking in the rain... this is a great list ;-)

  11. @CookieCrumbs Inc.: You think? Well I am glad, thanks for your visit as always!

    @'Lara A: Hello lovely,appreciate your kind words. Thank you for stopping by!

    @sage: Hello and thank you for visiting!

    @Launna: Greetings and many thanks!

  12. Nicking these awesome thoughts!
    To akward moments and dancing thoughts!

  13. Mismatched socks are fine by me. The 1000 thoughts can be a pain when I want to sleep though haha

  14. Great thoughts...I love new adventures and lending a hand to those in need.

  15. I like your list poem. It's fun and sensitive, a revelation of how nice you are.

  16. @T.Notes: All good indeed, nice seeing you on here!

    @Pat Hatt: It can be either a real pain or a blissful moment. Thanks for coming by!

    @Linda Kay: Thanks for visiting as always!

    @Myrna R.: Hello, you are so kind. I appreciate your stopping by!

  17. So glad that I've stumbled upon you from you leaving kind words on my blog. I love lists like this, it keeps things in perspective: only the good things. Like you, I love awkward moments (because they are imperfect and there's beauty there I think to the untrained eye), I love laughter, I love life & mismatched socks - I am beginning to love the fact that things are not meant to be permanent and delight in the fact that sometimes there will be change... Beautiful.

  18. Points well made..! I love raindrops..


  19. I love being happy Papi....Happiness is my #1 priority...

  20. Like the list. If you like mismatched socks you could love my mismatched shoes. I had an excellent laugh the other day and it reminded me I need to laugh more often.

  21. Even though life can really suck sometimes, I really like life o, lol.

    Public Disgrace of Singleness

  22. I like getting lost in a good book.
    I love life
    I love laughter. ;))
    Thanks for stopping by
    Keep in touch I like your post!

    Lady Trends

  23. All 11 work for me, too...I love how you think, blogoratti~


  24. I like lists
    I like comfortable silence and not feeling pressured to fill it
    I like getting lost, and then found, in a book
    I like holding hands
    I like that somethings are for a season and others for a lifetime
    I like that I am telling my fingers to stop before I turn this to a post on your blog
    I like that my fingers are not listening
    I love WIFI
    I Love people who read
    I love to agree to disagree because that's just another extension on our diverse world and that's ok......

  25. I often have mismatched socks because of my erratic laundry regime. Being passionate about your beliefs is pretty good too.

  26. I love love..
    I love life..

    Imma make a list.

  27. @Style For Mankind: Hello, appreciate your visit, thanks!

    @Lucky Atuanya: Greetings. Thanks for stopping by!

    @The Indie: I like your thoughts and perspective, keep your head up always. Many thanks indeed!

    @Geets: Hello and thanks for visiting!

    @Erniesha Tibs: Happiness is everything indeed. Many thanks!

    @fmcgmccllc: Mismatched shoes, yep that works for me as well, hehe. Thank you for visiting and keep smiling!

    @ilola: I feel you on that. Many thanks!

    @Rosa Mari Moraza: I like the things you like. Its nice of you to visit, and I'll be sure to keep in touch!

    @LoveT.: Thanks a lot!

    @Jan: Hello, thank you for your kind words, its great to see you here!

    @Okeoghene: What a wonderful list you have there as well, liked each one. Thanks for sharing that!

    @Nick Wilford: Welcome to the mismatch club. Nice seeing you on here!

    @yourstrulyblogposts.blogspot.com: We do? Well high five to that. Appreciate you stopping by!

    @Keith's ramblings: Yes indeed, truly great to see you here!

    @Paola Lauretano: Many thanks lovely!

    @Tamie: Me too, thank you for visiting!

  28. I LOVE the things you LOVE about life, blogoratti!! thanks for sharing them.
    1000 thoughts in your head at night.....they usually put me fast to sleep!! lol

  29. Those are wonderful things to love. I love those things too. :)

  30. *Giggles* I also love awkward moments... I enjoy seeing the reaction from those awkward moments. I always say that a situation is only as awkward as one makes it... so it's often fun to see how others respond in their moments, too! :o)

    All the Cute
    Latest Post: Little Red Dress

  31. I like the list; this, then, becomes (# = number) #12. Smiles_! _m

  32. I like the way you express yourself and inspire me at the same time.
    Brilliant quotes and thoughtful fun sharing!
    Happy to connect with you.
    Thank you for your visits and kind comments at my Magpie's Nest.

  33. Its hilarious when people pretend not to see each other, so awkward, so awesome!

  34. @Jim: Hello friend...its nice of you to stop by!

    @Chrys Fey: Its nice to know that you do too. Thank you!

    @Amber Shannon: Hello, I agree with that entirely. Thanks for visiting again!

    @Magyar: Indeed smiling should be on the next list. Thanks for the heads up!

    @*~Patty S: Its heart warming to know you are inspired, thank you...far too kind!

    @Spacerguy: And rightly so too, nice of you to drop by!

  35. Me i like just one thing! and 1 thing alone.. I like Very Ffinnnnneeee and sexy gehss.. **Winks.. The likes of www.sophsinspiration.blogspot.com et al :) hehehehehhehe.. Mehn Boss that Starting quote is everything.. have you ever read something and gone.. CONFAM!!! heheheh You know those sorta things that you read and have that 'Halelujah give heaven a wiper' feeling.. Yeah.. Thats what that Quote was.. Truth is Everyone is different.. We see people.. but we cannot make them.. Nor change them.. Nor be them.. So the best we can do is accept them.. Cause they will always be them.. and we will always be us.... Dasall... Nice post Boss..

    I like.. No Scartch that.. I loveeeeee the way you write... I mean it is so compact yet so detailed.. Inshort I wanna.. no! I am gonna start writing like you.. **Hits head on the wall.. **Thimks out loud... 'Nonso didnt you get a thing from this post?! Chief of Staff Blogoratti is him.. You are Confused you.." hehehehehe. Nice one Oga boss.. This was a ghen ghen post as usual.. I can relate i tell you... Cheers.. :)

  36. What? You love mismatched socks and awkward moments.. you are one helluva man B. Anyways nice list you've got. Make it count.

  37. Small things in life makes it beautiful :-)

  38. What a fun post and what a great list! The one about mismatched socks reminds me of my younger daughter. She does that all the time and I think it's so cute.

  39. My absolute favourite things are learning languages, making friends, discovering new foods, travelling and books...basically all things that help me experience as much of the world as possible.


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