Sunday, November 08, 2015

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Three Things To Inspire Your Weekend (33)

Quote of the day: 
There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. 
-Maya Angelou 

image: HuffingtonPost

Eight decades after she was forced to drop out of school to save her family, a 97-year old woman, Margaret Thome Bekema, has received an honorary diploma from Catholic Central High School in Michigan, U.S. Bekema who would have graduated with the Class of 1936, left at junior high to care of her 3 younger siblings, because her mother was ill with cancer. She cried before receiving the diploma from Catholic Central High School at Stonebridge Manor. 

image: Today

At 73 years-old, Las Vegas native, John Maultsby, 73, crossed the finish line at a race in New Hampshire, a quest that started 13 years ago after a glance at another runner's T-shirt ended with him completing 50 marathons in 50 states. According to TODAY, Maultsby completed the Manchester City Marathon to a roar from the biggest cheering section he has had since he ran his first marathon when he was 60.

image: Afasiaarchzine

As seen on Afasiaarchzine, a vacation home by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter Architects. It is located in the outer Stockholm archipelago, sited on a plateau facing the sea in the north. and with tall pine trees giving the environment an untouched character. 


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  1. Those first two are proof you are never too old to achieve anything!

  2. Lovely post. Have a great weekend!

  3. Ironic that this post would begin with that Maya Angelou quote, because that was exactly why I was thinking all day is the reason I feel depressed, and that quote put it into words perfectly.

  4. Thanks so much for share these inspirations :)
    Love this post!

  5. Very nice inspirations - its never too late for anything thats for sure :)
    Have a most wonderful weekend!

  6. I am amazed by the 97-year old lady, wonderful!

  7. Wow, age sure doesn't matter when you want something done.

  8. This proves that there is no such thing as "I can't do it, its too late".
    P.s love chasing pavements by adele , use to be my song. Now i cant stop listening to hello by her.

  9. Wow, that man doesn't look 73 at all. He must ne very fit.

    If I were an anonymous blogger...

  10. I LOVE that story of 97-year old Margaret Thome Bekema. How touching.

  11. Some people don't stop and give up. How up lifting that there are people that do that. The man who ran the marathon was on our news here as we live near Manchester, New Hampshire. It is interesting to see how that story is touching people who don't live so near.

  12. A marathon in every state and he started it at 60--that's amazing.

  13. How wonderful that the lady finally got her diploma...something many kids today take for granted. The runner does not look 73! I commend him for what he is doing. That home looks inviting

  14. The story of Margaret is really touching.
    I wish I was as fit as that 73 years old runner! I need to work on that haha

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  16. Three great stories here but I especially like Margarets ...

    Have a good weekend

    All the best Jan

  17. The 73 year old runner's story is so inspiring, i have started running and I hope to run a marathon next year, I have no excuses now.
    Titi's Passion

  18. Thanks for the uplifting news!

  19. That Angelou quote guts me every single time i come across it.

  20. I read that story about the 97 year old woman and it made me cry ...such a great story of inspiration.

  21. Good for all, especially Thome.

  22. The first story made me tear up a little. It is stories like that that make us believe that anything is possible. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Well, I love the last photo. It's heaven to my eyes, really. ^_^


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