Monday, March 21, 2016

Plans For The Week #45

Quote of the day: 
Colors are the smiles of nature. -Leigh Hunt

I sit at a vantage point and my view is one of grey clouds, a massive collection of water droplets forming in the horizon, pregnant with rain and only awaiting the breaking point. Birds soar high and low, if they can sense the impending rain, I do not know. These clouds are like designs set on marble, un-moving but yet with a distinct presence. And as I sit my thoughts blend in absolutely with the view and the trees and rooftops give off a sense of persistent elevation, and my thoughts evaporate in silent reflection...

Here are my plans for the week.


1. Evaluate my purpose. I want to be able to evaluate what my true purpose is, and if I am truly happy with the place and current state that I am in. Am I just living without fully expressing my abilities, and my dreams? I hope to reflect on that.

2. Take lots of photos. I was a freelance photographer for some time and what I enjoyed the most about it then was the ability to express myself through this art form. It made me happy and I hope to start taking at least one photo a day.

3. Read. With my March reading almost completed and with a new reading list for April, I hope to get some more reading done during the week. It is a great stress reliever for me and I urge you to try reading if you aren't already.

4. Exercise. I hope to make more time out to do workouts, and due to my schedule for the week my wake up time will be much earlier, and I'd like to fit in a workout or two in there somewhere.

5. Manage the week. The week will most likely be filled with highs and lows. I hope to manage this in the most practical way so as not to be bogged down with avoidable moments. So keeping my to-do-lists updated will help to sort out pending tasks as well as new ones.

How is your week going to be, made any plans yet? Here's wishing you great Easter holidays ahead. Have a nice week!

Peace. Love. Light* 

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  1. We seem to have the same schedule for the week. However, the purpose one is gonna take me longer than a week. Good luck to you.

  2. A 'to do' list can certainly help us manage our time and keep us on track to meet our daily and weekly goals.

    I hope yours is a good week ahead.

    All the best Jan

  3. A 'to do' list can certainly help us manage our time and keep us on track to meet our daily and weekly goals.

    I hope yours is a good week ahead.

    All the best Jan

  4. Hello Blogoratti: Your plan for the week looks good! I admire your efforts to keep everything in balance. Very best regards from Seattle.

  5. I hope you share some of the photos you take.

  6. I love that quote! I believe in that too. I hope to walk more this week and eat less goodies. I think we all try to find out what our purpose is....let's hope we are happy with what we do accomplish.

  7. Lovely plans dear! Have a great week! xx

  8. Taking pictures is a great idea for the spring. I'm starting a new book and hoping to finish it in 1 week. Much love!

  9. That quote . You are a quote man ! 😜
    Wow !!

  10. Hello, you do manage your time well. Great plans for the week. I love the quote. Happy Easter to you and yours. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  11. For me, the colors of spring and summer nature is a joy of life. This week is no interesting plans, because they are sacred and need to do something at home. I wish you a happy Easter.

  12. Have a good Easter. I plan to finish "This is not the end of the book;" by Eco and Carriere. And also to take lots of photos. And take some exercise. And to go mostly vegetarian for a few days, having eaten too many eggs last week.

  13. We have a number of obligations this week in relation to Holy Week at our church, since we sing in the choir. And I have a special ladies lunch this Wednesday I'm looking forward to.

  14. My plan for the week is easily summed up:
    Monday - work at the office
    Tuesday - throw cocktail party
    Wednesday - rest from party and clean up
    Thursday - work at the office and have dinner at parents'
    Friday - officially a bank holiday in Germany, but probably some hours working from home plus boyfriend coming to stay until Saturday
    Saturday - enjoy boyfriend
    Sunday - either go flying with pilot friend or join Easter family gathering at parents'
    Monday - officially a holiday in Germany; probably work some hours from home and/or attend Easter gathering at parents'

  15. @Midlife Roadtripper: That's great that we have similar plans. And purpose is surely an ongoing element, hopefully it will align one day. Great thoughts and nice of you to drop by!

    @Lowcarb team member: I certainly think so too. Its always nice to have a list, although on other days going with the flow works just as well. Thanks for stopping by, and warm greetings!

    @John's Island: Thank you sir, and I hope Seattle is treating you very well. Keeping things in balance can be hard, but trying is better than nothing. I appreciate your thoughts and visit!

    @Lin: I hope to do just that. I'd like to say thank you and warm greetings!

    @Birgit: Yes, lets all see how it all shapes out eventually and happiness is key. Its nice to have you here, thank you and nice week!

    @Beauty Unearthly: I appreciate that, thank you for taking time to stop by. Have a wonderful week!

    @Nerline Germain: I sure hope it turns out that way, thank you. I hope you finish off that book, so you can tell us all about it? Thanks.

    @Shilpa Chandrasekheran: Thank you sir. Its kind of you, and thanks for stopping by!

    @eileeninmd: I try but not enough surely. I appreciate your thoughts. Here's wishing you and your family a splendid Easter celebration.

    @Giga: Hello and it surely is an important week indeed. I hope it holds lots of love and contentment for you. Thanks!

    @GWil W: Thank you sir. I hope you have a good Easter filled with good food and great company. I like the sound of taking lots of photos...

    @Linda Kay: I hope these obligations turn out great for you, and Easter is surely an important moment. Do enjoy your ladies lunch and the holiday break!

    @Librarian: Those are enviable plans, especially the party and travelling. Have a good time!

  16. April is the big one for me with the A to Z Blog Challenge on the horizon. Would you believe, I haven't written a single post yet so I'd better get my skates on. Good luck with the photography!

  17. Taking photos is a cheerful plan. It is true that colors are the smiles of nature. thank you for sharing.


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