Wednesday, April 06, 2016

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Thoughts on When Life Comes Full Circle

Quote of the day: 

Life is a full circle, widening until it joins the circle motions of the infinite. 
-Anaïs Nin

image: DeviantArt/Batootz

I ponder on the evolving seasons. It sure is a marvelous sight outside. Sitting comfortably in the sky is the sun -finally able to present itself without disruptive clouds. It has waited patiently all along, knowing and waiting for the present time. Even the trees and flowers aren't left out in this re-awakening. And so is life. It takes patience and perseverance, for everything to come full circle. With the various highs and lows, twists and turns, peaks and comes full circle.

In the case of the season, with spring the familiarity and bond that has existed before between the sun and the earth is rekindled, with flowers, plants and trees expressing themselves anew without difficulty, an endless variation of expressions -all part of a continuum . This inner circle expands to include all other elements and themes, patterns and shapes, voices and silence, cause and effect, like a blank piece of paper about to be painted on. The same is true of every aspect of life.

Flowers bloom in different ways. Seasons come and go.  Our identities can change from time to time. Life is a journey that must be enjoyed in every way possible so that when that moment comes, when you are finally at the right place, having achieved those things that matter the most, coming full circle resonates.

Peace. Love. Light* 

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  1. This is so lovely to read, to envision, and to feel, deep in my psyche. I love that life is all about those full circles.

  2. "To everything there is a season. "

    Lovely post!

  3. @Sherry Blue Sky: I love that about life too, and glad you see it that way too. Warm greetings and thanks for visiting!

    @Kelly: Very true indeed. Many thanks!

  4. Wow, this is so true. Life does requires us to be patience. Things will work out for us in due time.

  5. Luv the summary of wisdom in your closing paragraph

    Thanks for dropping in at my blog today

    I'm currently reading :Cry The Beloved Country"

    much love...

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  7. Here, spring can be so beautiful and then comes the sand gnats...

  8. Life is a circle ... always running in phases :-)

  9. I think the seasons are confused here snowflakes fell from the sky on an April day! Covering the signs of spring.

  10. Hello, lovely post, image and quote. I am looking forward to spring, but it seems like winter does not want to leave.
    Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  11. @Funmi Sodunke: Its good to look at it from different angles in order to come to this realization. Many thanks for stopping by!

    @Gillena Cox: Its nice of you to visit and share, and you are welcome. Have a good week!

    @shortybear: Thanks for visiting!

    @Beauty Unearthly: Warm greetings!

    @Marleen: Many thanks!

    @Sage: I can't imagine how bad that can get. Have a nice day!

    @Amrit Sinha: Yes indeed. Greetings!

    @Truedessa: That must have been some surprise. Nice of you to visit!

    @eileeninmd: It sure seems that way on most days, winter is holding on and doesn't want to let go. Happy Wednesday to you, and many thanks!

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  13. Lovely post to read - as always. Thank you for posting such inspiring thoughts.

  14. Good "view" on things. We have been Trying to "think more positively" on things in my Life. A great day to you and yours, good Sir.
    ... Hello from Marshville...

  15. Life is indeed a journey, and we never quite know what may be on the road we travel ...a mystery for us to unravel as best we can ...

    Have a good day

    All the best Jan

  16. This post is absolutely stunning!

  17. Very inspiring post with such wise words.

  18. The final paragraph of this post is very moving - how true!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


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