Tuesday, May 03, 2016

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Book Reading List #4

Quote of the day:
The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough. 
-Rabindranath Tagore 

My book reading for the month of May consists of the following:

Mario Vaga Llosa -The Discreet Hero
Mai Jia -Decoded
Ali Smith -The Accidental
Jeffrey Archer -Cometh the Hour

What books are you reading or planning to read during the entire month? Please share in the comments. Have a wonderful week!

Peace. Love. Light*

Current Listen: Hozier -Whole Lotta Love


  1. That's a nice collection and I'm sure you will enjoy each of them. Right now I'm reading "Nothing Sacred - The Truth About Judaism" by Douglas Rushkoff. It's a superb book.

  2. Quote of the day is so inspiring! By reading your this post you motivated me to start a new. I still have time as I am still pregnant :) Once my baby will make his appearance my time will be reduced :) Wishing you a lovely week ahead, Liuba :)

  3. This is some really great inspiration, thanks for sharing!


  4. I wish we are like butterflies too... Counting and living for the moments! Happy reading... Have a great May!

  5. I've been into non-fiction lately. I'm traveling to Iceland this summer so I have been reading about Vikings. All knew and really interesting to me. Your books look excellent though.

  6. Almost finished with Tracey Chevalier's newest book - At the Edge of the Orchard. On my stack next: The Other Teddy Roosevelts, and Snow Falling on Cedars.

  7. Hi Blogoratti - I actually am reading now "Shakespeare Unravelled" ... it's really interesting and I 'm learning lots of history of that period and Shakespeare's life - if he was a person ...

    Cheers Hilary

  8. Cometh the Hour sounds intriguing.

    I'm having a second go at Alan Moorehead's 'A Late Education'. Didn't get very far with it first time. Somebody borrowed it.

  9. This reminds me that I always forget to do a what to read this month post

  10. I'm reading THE HOUSE OF HAWTHORNE, now, and I have a few books on my shelf waiting for me, I hope during the next Summer to be able and read them, I'm so overwhelmed with work at school and at home during this period of the year !

    Thank you for this interesting post, dear friend !

    Hope your week is off to a great start I wish you most wonderful days to come,
    sending blessings of joy to you


  11. Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  12. Sure have ones that should be good runs

  13. So good to see your book selection - hope you enjoy them.
    I am currently reading a Sarah Morgan light hearted novel, just right to start the month of May.

    All the best Jan

  14. I have to say I love Rabirdranath Tagore, I think I read all their poems. Sadly I lost my book of him.(
    But always find some poems of him.
    Im reading "Fire sale" from Sarah Paretsky is about detectives, I enjoy it.

  15. I love the quote but no reading for me this month yet. Just finished my studies so resting for a bit ~

  16. They all look like fabulous reads!

    Rachel xx

  17. I hope you have some great reads this month! I'm currently reading Edge of Wild by Danika Stone.


  18. this is really great,you have such a lovely blog! :D i hope you're having an amazing day!


  19. I really like your reading list, dear :)


  20. All four books in one month? Wow! I read like one in a month... or one in two months ;)
    Have a good one!
    conscious lifestyle of mine

  21. I have read a different book by Archer but that was years ago.

  22. Stars of Fortune by Nora Roberts
    and a couple of books on Dreaming

    Peace, Love and Light!


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