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There are 7 Types of Uber Drivers

Quote of the day: 

A passenger on a road journey is in the hands of a driver; a reader embarking on a book is in the hands of a narrator. -Romesh Gunesekera 

Requesting for a taxi Uber using the app, is as easy as ordering takeaway food. Enter a pickup location and destination, get quoted a price and your driver is on the way. The ride sharing app is easy, convenient, and cashless too, which makes sense as it leaves little room for passengers not paying for their rides. Although you may want to stay awake during your journey and not find yourself about 240 miles and 5 hours away from your destination and with a £440 bill, like the Uber passenger who entered a wrong postcode and promptly fell asleep in the car.

You the rider will receive a price estimate, which you either accept or decline -if there is a surge for instance. Price surges often occur when requests shoot up in a certain location. It may be temporary -or an indication of an incident occurring like the recent London attacks where people trying to flee the area saw prices more than double. However Uber graciously refunded passengers who used the app around the location of the attack.

Asides that it still makes for a great service which I tend to use it whenever the need arises. As a Uber rider, here are the 7 types of Uber drivers that I have come across.

1. The Newbie

Fresh off from signing up with Uber and undergoing background checks, the newbie often has excitement written over him/her -you know this when you are offered bottled water as soon as you sit down. In my case a driver showed up once who told me he'd been driving for less than a week. How did he like it so far? It was love at first sight came the reply.

2. The Old Timer

This driver has been with Uber from the start, complains about competition, and has seen it all when it comes to unruly passengers and as soon as you start a conversation, they proceed to give you a lowdown of their stories. If you are wondering, the drunk ones are at the top of their list.

 3. The Storyteller

The one who talks non-stop and seems to drive slower than usual when trying to pass a point across. He also proceeds to tell you how he was almost robbed by passengers -not once, but three times.

4. The Mute

Self explanatory really.

5. The Loner

The one you never get to meet as he/she cancels the trip before even getting to your location, for whatever reason. You know like maybe forgetting to turn off their iron, and room lights at home.

6. The Lost One

You receive a call and a text to confirm your exact location as the driver can't find you. Their GPS must not be working. Either that or they just want to hear your soothing and calming voice.

7. The Music Lover

Doesn't mess around and enjoys his radio not minding to turn it down-maybe just a little. Its the weekend so why not get the party started early eh. As he drives away after dropping you off, he increases the volume, his taxi turning to a club with its very own DJ. How about that.

Have you ever tried the Uber App? How has your experience been with a Uber driver, and do you have any interesting stories to share?

Peace. Love. Light* 

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  1. Very well ccategorised and yes have met all of them! :)

  2. I haven't used Uber myself, my daughter however uses them quite a bit, she always talks well about the service.

  3. Good passenger to keep their eyes wide open.

  4. I so totally agree with you. Can relate to each of these types... :)

  5. Lol! I totally agree with this post. Spot on! I have encountered the newbie and the lost one. My sister fell into the hands of the loner yesterday. She was so upset and he refused to pick her calls. She decided to call him with my number, he picked and then she gave him the insult of his life. lol. Hope you are having a great week so far.


  6. I live in a Canadian town, and there is no Uber. There is one taxi company with a couple of cabs.

  7. This is a cool post, and very informative. Ironically, I have a friend who is an Uber driver, but other than her telling me she stays super busy, I've never considered trying one. You never know, though what may come up. Hugs...RO

  8. Hello, I love to drive myself. So I have never tried Uber. I did enjoy reading about the different types of drivers. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and weekend ahead!

  9. We are so far from uber here, people hardly know what it is. Rural Canada is a lifetime from uber but I could certainly see the benefit of it.

  10. Oh, yes, I loved Uber when I unexpectedly found myself in a strange city because my husband had to have emergency surgery (all is well, now!). And I must have had every type of driver you describe above! Quite a collection, indeed!
    Enjoyed the read!

  11. My experiences with Urber, have been good, nothing to report here. I loved your post.

  12. we got it here in Trinidad but i have never used the service. Enjoyed today's quote
    "A passenger on a road journey is in the hands of a driver; a reader embarking on a book is in the hands of a narrator. -Romesh Gunesekera "

    much love...

  13. Good to know! I still haven't ever called for an Uber but I'm sure I'll need to one day...

  14. Loved your photo...gave me a pleasant moment of current and late best friends and their love of a car trip.

  15. Unfortunately our town of 736 doesn't offer this amenity...:) But then e haven't suffered a terrorist attack yet either....

  16. I can't believe I've never ridden Uber, though I have a cousin who used to drove for them. This is a very fun post!

    Thank you so much for coming to Marmelade Gypsy. I so appreciate your comment and I wish much healing for your country in the wake of the recent terror attacks.

  17. Loooooove the photo! We use Uber all the time when we're in Sydney.. 3,4 and 7 have been encountered 😊

  18. I've yet to try Uber, but then I don't really get out much.

    Excellent quote at the top!

  19. Thanks for your visit.
    I do not remember the last time I called for a taxi. It was pre-Uber for sure.

  20. You legit covered everything! This is so true! Amen!

    Happy almost Friday!
    xoxo Suzy ( ˘ ³˘)♥

  21. I enjoyed reading about the different types of drivers - a fun post!
    oxo Susi

  22. Never tried uber, but I'll pass on the loner and the lost ones

  23. My one and only experience of riding in an Uber cab was earlier this year from Tate Britain to Tooting Bec. All went well. I like the fact that no money is exchanged and therefore no tips! Hurray! Our Uber driver did not use his mobile phone whilst driving and that is something to be grateful for.

  24. Wow, friend B ... Long time no see ... Glad you are back ... Love, cat.

  25. Where I live in Ireland, there is no Uber here. There are a few phone numbers for independent taxi drivers but other than that there is a bus service that I use to get around.
    Interesting categories for the uber drivers. You never know which one will show up until they show up or not.

  26. I don't use taxi. The uber taxi is also here, in Finland, it's quite new. Some likes, some don't at all.
    I like the photo, the dog is very cute.

  27. As the Brits moved into the 21st century, Jeremy Clarkson raised a great issue, the largest car manufacturer left in the UK is London Cab.

  28. Really fun post. I recognise those 7 types as well amongst London's black cab drivers.

    Greetings from London.

  29. @magiceye: Hello and thanks for taking time to visit!

    @Jimmy: That's great, I'm sure she has her stories too. Thank you for your comment!

    @Rajesh: Many thanks for visiting!

    @Bob Bushell: That is true. Appreciate your stopping by!

    @Loco mente: Glad you relate with it all, appreciate your visit!

    @Confessions of a makeup shopaholic: Many thanks!

    @ChiChi Ir: Glad you agree with it all. Your sister must have been that livid, oh boy. Thanks for stopping by!

    @Anvilcloud: They tend to stick to bigger cities I guess. Thanks for stopping by!

    @RO: The right time will come for you to try it out, appreciate you stopping by, thanks.

    @eileeninmd: At least you enjoyed reading about it :) Do enjoy the rest of the week, and thank you!

    @Marie Smith: Yes they tend to be more in bigger cities. Many thanks!

    @Martha Jane Orlando: Good to know all is well now with you and yours, great experiences no doubt, eh? Thanks for visiting!

    @annell: Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for stopping by as always!

    @Gillena Cox: Not to worry you are not alone in that regard. Thank you for visiting!

    @Deniz Bevan: I am sure the right time will come. Thanks!

    @Author R. Mac Wheeler: Thanks for that, good memories are a great thing!

    @troutbirder: That is a small town indeed:) Thanks for stopping by!

    @Jeanie: Oh not too many people have either it seems. Thanks for your heartwarming comment and appreciate the visit!

    @PerthDailyPhoto: Ha that's great, hopefully you'll run into the others. Greetings!

    @Kelly: Thanks for stopping by!

    @Catarina: You are welcome and nice of you to visit!

    @Suzy: I'm glad you agree, ha. Nice of you to drop by, thank you!

    @froebelsternchen Susi: Thanks a lot!

    @Pat Hatt: Ha, definitely avoid those ones. Many thanks!

    @Suvarna Gold: Hello and thanks for visiting!

    @Yorkshire Pudding: I believe the lack of money exchanged is better off for everyone. Many thanks for stopping by!

    @^.^: Hello Cat, thanks and good to be back, hope you are well!

    @bill burke: That's interesting, I believe Uber is mostly in big cities so that could explain why. That is true, one never knows who they will get. Appreciate your visit, thanks!

    @orvokki: They seem to be taking over cities around the world. I liked the photo too, thanks for your comment!

    @Spacer Guy: That is indeed an important issue that needs revisiting. Thanks for stopping by!

  30. The dog photo is very cute! I haven't tried uber but I enjoyed reading your experience of it.

  31. I'm new to this uber thing, so going with your photo are all the drivers different breeds of dog.
    All the best Gordon.

  32. I haven't tried it yet because I just haven't had a need to, but I don't think I would. It seems too much like hitch hiking.

  33. This was fun (and true also)

  34. I do like the image you've used here.
    I've never used Uber.

    All the best Jan

  35. Ótima postagem arrasou, obrigado pela visita.

  36. Never tried Uber.
    Is it legal for a dog at the front seat with the window up, and without seat belts. LOL!

  37. Nope, never used Uber. Not sure I ever will as they seem to be allied with the current US administration, and I won't knowingly support any company that supports him. And I have my own car, so there's that...

  38. I have never taken an Uber- but I also don't have a smart phone. :) I have had some interesting taxi rides though! Interesting post!

  39. I have never yet tried an Uber but I will because my daughter had a wonderful experience--fast pickup, reasonable rate. Thank you for stopping by and visiting me. I am sincerely touched by your compassion at this time.

  40. Wow! You visited my blog so I'm visiting yours. I've never experiended Uber because we have no such thing in the states, but I think this would be a valuable service.

    I've followed your blog because I like to learn about new things and am open about how things are in other parts of the world.


  41. I used to use UBER but I keep hearing too many predatory stories about the company and it's owner. I stopped using it because one driver was rude to me, and because here, UBER has a competitor called LYFT. The last time I used UBER, I was yelled at by the driver. I was waiting at the front of the grocery store with 8 bags of groceries. I was looking at the map on my phone to see the amount of time the driver was away from me. When it said 1 minute, I heard an older driver say "You're so busy looking at your phone, you don't see me waiting for you." I was speechless. It was like he was scolding me, like I was a kid, playing on my phone. He didn't bother to help me with my groceries. Again he said "You're so busy looking at your phone." I told him "I was looking for you." He said " I was waiting." I told him he was lying, and that the minutes went from 4 to 3 to 2 to 1 before I heard your yelling." And he kept on, when I told him to shut the fuck up and drive me to my destination.
    And when I got home he didn't bother to help me take my groceries out of the car, so when I took my groceries out, I left the door wide open, and went to my place. He honked his horn and yelled at me to close his door. I ignored him and went inside my place.

    I complained to UBER. They did apologize for him, and they credited me for the ride, but I never used them again.

  42. Hi Blogoratti - I've never used Uber ... and these types sound just like other sorts of drivers ... a happy ride is a real treat ... cheers Hilary

  43. Obrigado pelo comentário no meu blogue.
    Um abraço.
    Autografos Futebol

  44. May I journey through the pages of a book instead? More fun *smiles*

  45. Lol. This made me smile I met one mute that was just frowning all through in LA. I also met one chatty Nigerian guy that had not been to Nigeria in ages, also in LA. I was the one who initialted the conversation cos we were both Nigerians.


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