Thursday, August 24, 2017

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Poem: The Eclipse of the Heart

Quote of the day: 

How then does light return to the world after the eclipse of the sun? Miraculously. Frailly. In thin stripes. It hangs like a glass cage. It is a hoop to be fractured by a tiny jar. There is a spark there. Next moment a flush of dun. Then a vapour as if earth were breathing in and out, once, twice, for the first time. 
-Virginia Woolf

Vintage photo of a lunar eclipse from The Book of Knowledge Vol. 6

When years get chiseled away
Underneath a roof where you call home
Surrounded by far-flung memories
Oh what a glorious day to be alive

At a certain time and date
Within an obscure landscape
Being plunged deep into darkness
You neglect your inclusion in the universe

Word had gotten out
That the moon will pass in front of the sun
There was outcry from the sun too distant to hear
You are a stone's throw from the sea

This twilight
Eyes wide and face to the sky
Animals scampering in confusion
Humans standing in admiration
To breathe in the warm air and sigh
Filling the lungs with life
Sensing the precious hands of time
The eclipse stole your soul
Silent as a rabbit through a meadow
Watching as the day turned  to night

The sun became a bosom moon snail
Touching in an intimate kiss
Probing intimately like lovers
Reveling in the dark
Before getting tossed beneath the sea
Enough to water a garden or more

The sun grasped the deception from afar
Which no one cared to see
It tried but was powerless against the moon
Now trapped in a parallel universe
Your soul and that of the sun
Abducted and replaced with a replica.


The total solar eclipse of the sun has come and gone and so has much of the fanfare associated with the event. This poem is written in the 'epic' form, which is a lengthy narrative poem containing events pertaining to a culture or nation. It contains details of a heroic deed and ends with a descent of the hero into a dark deep underworld. In this case it is you/sun. The idea is that the eclipse that occurred stole something from our world and us, but we were too busy to even notice. It is about our hearts becoming eclipsed with negativity with no end in sight.

But then again, the entire poem is open to your personal interpretations.

Peace. Love. Light* 

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  1. I like that a lot. I unfortunately did not get to see the eclipse, although I watched a lot about it on TV

  2. If this is a replica, why am I still getting so depressed when I read the news? I want a do-over!

  3. This was my first time witnessing totality and it was awesome. I wrote about the adventure of trying to find a place to watch, but I have yet been satisfied with my attempts to describe what I felt when I took the glasses off and looked into the totality of the eclipse. The corona was amazing! Thanks for your poem.

  4. One good thing about an elclipse, B, totality is short lived and the light returns. Love the images here!

  5. Interesting point of view... I didn't go to totality for fear of traffic jams, but 98% was pretty darned spectacular!

  6. A little switch and swap can keep things interesting.

  7. My total solar eclipse had a cloud.

  8. I saw about 85%, but hope to get totality in 2024!

    Lovely poem.

  9. from light to darkness
    eternity life to death
    a higher power~JFM

    Wonderful for thought.

    Have a Great Day 💮

  10. Even though the moon stole something from us, I can overlook it because it was a spectacular event to witness. Lovely poem!

  11. I didn't see totality, but the dimness made me think, "I could live with that."

  12. This was wonderful. I specifically like the idea of the sun caught in a parallel universe.

  13. It was a spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime event.

  14. The sun became a bosom moon snail
    Touching in an intimate kiss
    Probing intimately like lovers
    Reveling in the dark


  15. I think we who are usually elcipsed by the sun, got to take part of the sun, the mystery, the event into our souls.

  16. Interesting poem this is. I enjoyed reading it. I especially liked: The eclipse stole your soul Silent as a rabbit through a meadow Watching as the day turned  to night...this all around nature's view is excellent.

  17. Thanks a lot for sharing) looks very interesting!

  18. "The eclipse stole your soul
    Silent as a rabbit through a meadow"
    Beautiful I enjoyed reading this Uplifting and intriguing

  19. Interesting to read these words, thanks.

    All the best Jan

  20. Come and gone is right. And this well written poem becomes part of its memory.

  21. Touching and beautiful poem!!!
    glad you saw this with little natural point of view as people don't have time to "FEEL" at ll they just SEE and enjoy .

    The greatest book "NATURE" has so so much written in it to guide and to make us grow better earthians but who has the time to take a moment for heart instead of brain only

    1. I am glad that you felt touched by it. We dwell on the surface of things without delving deeper to see what lays beneath. Like you rightly pointed out, who has time to take a moment...

      Greetings and appreciate your visit.

  22. Hi Blogoratti - I'd say the eclipse should enlighten us ... show us how lucky we are to live with the sun in our firmament and to experience so many ways to live life ... it gives us much - lovely poem and ideas .. cheers Hilary

    1. Hello Hilary, I believe you are right in that regard and what a great time it is to be alive indeed. Greetings to you and nice to see you as always.

  23. Nice post! Have an amazing weekend

    Latest Post: An Instagram Worthy Minimalist Loft in London

  24. So utterly breath-taking, this poem and your stunning picture truly hold me in awe.
    I just know I will have to return here again and again to reread...:))

    Have a Fabulous Weekend!

    1. I truly appreciate your kind comment, thank you for visiting and greetings to you.

  25. A total eclipse of the heart,
    When the sun and moon touch
    Heavenly bodies create art
    Breathless, the view is too much

    Peace, light & love

  26. Beautiful! We really didn't have any affect from the eclipse here in Canada. It got a little cloudy, and the temperature got colder, but that's it!

  27. Your poem has conjured the feelings and the imagery just as they are, and they are stunning... Thank you.

  28. Beautiful! Very powerful words. Hopefully positive thinking and light will prevail.

  29. "Silent as a rabbit through a meadow
    Watching as the day turned to night"



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