Monday, January 16, 2012

Seeking Sunshine

Quote of the day: 
Take heed: you do not find what you do not seek.
- English Proverb

So when you wake up in the morning, and get ready for the day ahead what occupies your mind the most? Is it plans you have for the day, or you are still sulking over yesterday's failed plans?

A new day offers the opportunity to make actually be better than you were yesterday. And why spend a day doing nothing when you could actually be achieving a lot.

In the mornings you can make a decision whether to have a good day or a bad one, you can decide what you want to eat, what clothes to wear, and so on. You make choices that affect your general well being.

So why would you want someone else to take control of your emotions?
If you easily get angry over little things or little people -that says a lot about your general state of mind.

It's time to engage yourself in positive things and values, time to get a clarity and take hold of your feelings about people, life and relationships. Time to dust your shoulders off and get back to being the 'old happy you.'

Lastly always seek that which gives you personal a flower seeking sunshine.

Do away with negative associations, connect with positive people today, It will help to expand your capabilities and keep you growing.


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  1. Well written. We are the authors of our own destiny and can choose to be happy or sad.

  2. "positive things and values" That's the word! It's a choice!

    Bless you bro :)

    - LDP

  3. Love it. Positive influences usually result in joy and happiness.

  4. True word. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. @Che: Thank you for dropping by*

    @LE DYNAMIQUE PROFESSEUR: More blessings to you sir!

    @Jennifer Abayowa: Hello, I see you :)

    @MW: You are most welcome, many thanks!

  6. Blessings....
    what occupies my mind the most is gratefullness. I start by saying thank you for waking me up, for my mobility, for the bed i just rise up out of, for the water i use to conduct my hygiene. sounds crazy but thats what is first on my mind then i go through mentally what my duties are for work, the things i have get to, pendings and appoinments i need to set up.

    have a blessed year, may you know your own worth and greatness.



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