Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Month, New Rules

Quote of the day:
Great minds have purpose, while others just have wishes
-Washington Irving

Hello folks...
Happy New month to's May my special month!

So birthday is tomorrow....woop woop!
Really looking forward to that :)

Plans for the month -
1. Go over goals for the year.
2. Remain open to new ideas.
3. Mix with achievers.
4. Relax and worry less about things I can't solve.
5. Keep learning new things.
6. Make new friends.
7. Stick to all my goals no matter what.
8. Motivate and be motivated.
9. Eat healthy & workout like mad...*fingers crossed.
10. Be inspired.

There goes some of my plans...have you made yours?

Success filled month to you all....make the best of it.
Peace and Love always!!

Current Listen: Travie McCoy-Billionaire


  1. Happy birthday man... Where's the party and beer bottle popping at? :p

  2. @ dhjax: Hehe...will send you the secret location, thanks a lot bro-apreciate it!!
    Happy new month!

  3. Happy birthday bro.
    Keep touching lives as u inspire us to reach our goals... God bless you in multiples!

  4. Happy Birthday, Blogo!! Have an absolutely fab year!!

  5. Happy new month and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!...enjoy and remain bless

  6. @everyone: Appreciate the love...thanks guys*


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