Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Monthly Plans 2.0

Quote of the day: 
Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it at all times. 
- Julia Child

Happy New Month! 

Hope everything is going on great at the moment for you all. Even if things are not, keep a positive attitude and focus on improving -less time on complaining.

These are some of my plans for the month.

Plans For The Month
1. Read at least six books.
2. Workout and eat more healthy.
3. Finish everything I start.
4. Meditate more.
5. Work on mid/long term goals.
6. Hang out with family/friends more.
7. Pursue my passions.
8. Rest more.
9. Don't make promises I cannot fulfil.
10. Never stop dreaming BIG*

So there goes some of my plans for this month of February.
Have you made your plans yet? Have a lovely week folks!


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  1. I like.
    What do I want to do this month - finish one story and write some results for work and do the blog thing and keep up the usual stuff. Easy enough.

  2. I have coveted your plans for the month and made them mine as well. Hope you don't mind. lol. Seriously, if I could do all that this month, I'll score myself Excellent! Happy New month!
    THE GEEBEE CHRONICLES is back. Catch up on the latest episodes.

  3. @ t: Good stuff, wish you all the best with that.

    @Geebee: Oh lovely, glad to be of help and welcome back!!

  4. looks like a pretty good list! Happy New Month to you too!

  5. Blessings Mr. ...oratti...
    I can help you with some maybe interesting reads? I say maybe cause its all subjective and only you can determine what is interesting for you. Anywho, its free online books, when you are able pop on by and click my FREE BOOKS tab and browse the sites i have there, you may encounter some delightful reads.

    I'd like to add to your list of plans:
    11. Honor yourself in all things, places, circumstances and situations.

    stay blessed.

  6. @Rhapsody B. : Appreciate the addition and thanks for the heads up-will be sure to check out your link. Cheers*


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