Thursday, April 09, 2015

To the people who love you for you

Quote of the day: 
I’m always thinking about what I’m missing. Even when I’m happy with what I have.
-Alyson Noel

Do you ever feel happy
Being around someone
Do you ever feel secure
Knowing that they care.

Do you ever laugh at yourself
And not take yourself too seriously
Do you ever look in the mirror
And think, I am beautiful.

Do you ever feel contentment
With all that you have
Do you ever show kindness
To all that you come across.

Do you ever feel positive
About your passion and dreams
Do you ever say thank you
To the people who love you for you.

Peace. Love. Light*

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  1. Loco mente, I am thankful as well!!

  2. The last two lines resonated for me - yes- people who love us for who we are should never be taken for granted

  3. Nwamaka,thank you very much!

    Jae Rose, I agree. Nice of you to stop by!

  4. Such profound words! Beautifully expressed :)

  5. Aathira, thank you for the kind words. Glad to see you drop by!

  6. It was literally dancing of words with perfect placement..
    Perfect it is!


  7. Geetika, I am glad you think so about the poem, thank you for you nice comment as always!

  8. this is awesome

  9. I love this poem--it nudges us toward focusing on the good in our lives, remembering the importance of each act of kindness, and toward gratitude for the things we have rather than resentment over the things we do not. Beautiful. Thank you.

  10. having an attitude of gratefulness is a wonderful thing

  11. RUTH, Many thanks for that.

    xoxo Kellz*, I like that you love the poem, and I agree with your perspective 100%. Thank you for taking time to comment.

  12. E-Rella, I am glad you think so. Thank you!

    Claudia, Yes indeed an attitude of gratefulness is everything. Nice seeing you on here!

  13. Had to read it over n over again,slowly just to absorb the word...such a reminder!thanks.

  14. This is wonderful! Loved it :D

  15. Very inspiring. I laugh at my self sometimes. thanks for the visit.

  16. I enjoyed your poetry. It was beautifully written and makes you pause and reflect.

  17. The second stanza struck a chord. I think we should all have moments when we laugh at ourselves...even at the mistakes we think were silly. Nice poem.

  18. Mahka RnR, I thank you for that and I am glad you were able to absorb the message!

    Sanaa Rizvi, Very nice of you to stop by and thanks for your comment!

    Chiemela Steve, many thanks!

    Diana Ashuayem, Laughter is always good. You are welcome and do stop by again!

    Dee: Thank you for your kind words, and I'm glad that you enjoyed the poem as well!

    Oyinlola Sobowale, I agree with you on that. We should laugh at ourselves more often than not. Thank you for that!

  19. I try and do say thank you, smiles ~ Thanks for the reminder ~

  20. Grace, I am glad to hear that you do try...thanks for dropping by!

  21. How beautiful! And laughing at myself is one thing I'm completely at ease with. I'm not giving anyone a chance to do it before me if I can help. Even in terrible mistakes. Life I believe is an assignment and correction process. Lol!

  22. Deep!
    Thanks for sharing

  23. Onomiroro Dono Okeh, It is as you rightly said and so much more, happiness must always come from within. I appreciate your comment, thank you!

    bolatito, thanks for visiting!

  24. This is such a beautiful piece but then again you have always being such a great writer!

  25. Funmi, oh you flatter me with words, thank you very much and I'm glad you liked!

  26. @Bella Harris: I'm glad you found it to be so, and I do thank you for your comment!


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