Sunday, June 14, 2009

New new Week!

Quote of the day:

Every increased possession loads us with new weariness.
-John Ruskin

Hey folks!

How did your week play out...interesting,fortunate?
For those that had plans..
Did you even accomplish any at all..

My week was so full of deadlines...
Work and a bit of the others.
In the end, was able to accomplish just about 70% of my plans..
All in all it was a week of -Focus, imagination, insight and planning.

As for the weekend, had to oversee a demanding project so my plans of getting some new gears as well as catching a movie-nada, Zilch!

Currently reading: 'A New Earth' (Awakening to Your Life's Purpose) by Eckhart Tolle.
A line from the book reads: ...'Those who are identified with their good looks, physical strength, or abilities experience suffering when those attributes begin to fade and disappear, as of course they will. Their very identity that was based on them is then threatened with collapse. In either case, ugly or beautiful, people derive a significant part of their identity, be it negative or positive, from their body'....

How true that is...

Plans for a New Week

1. Feel good about myself.
2. Read and learn something new.
3. Just go with the flow of things.
4. Call up a new friend just to say hello.
5. Blog and blog..
6. Read a book.
7. Workout.
8. Icecream...hnnm haven't had that in a while.
9. Get more sleep.
10. Music...using it to get me through the week!

There goes my plans..
I'm hoping for a marvelous about you?

Have a remarkable week everyone!

Current Listen: Jeremih -Raindrops



  1. am i always FIRST here or what?

  2. can't touch this....
    we are identified by a significant part of our bodies, quite true, i must say, and in this day and age where physical appearance is IMPORTANT! haaa...

    for ur plans for the week, try French twist icecream (Laura Secord)
    i'm addicted....
    Blame Tinu oh!
    u have a good week ahead now :)

  3. hey i see learn a new language is out....
    hmm icecream i support!!!!!

  4. @Chayoma, chei see this addict. Tinu where are you..*
    Yea,physical appearance is truly important in today's times.

    @BBB,yea i took a break from french classes,lol.
    I see you're in support of icecream,i mean who wouldn't? Hehe!
    I support too!

  5. Nice plans. I plan on praying more and becoming a better person. :)

  6. I'm totally reading that book after you... bin looking for it ;-)

    On the plans, I'm back to basics.. still learning some basics..

    Have a fab week blog' :)

  7. hmmm, now i don't want to get into an argument (of course i do! lol) what it seems to be reaching my ears these days how everyone's saying how physical beauty is just that but you have to admit that we all get caught up with it. we ignore the guy/girl who doesn't fit into our description of fine but really care about us and go for the beautiful?drop dead gorgeous a**hole/biotch who looks foine! but is just that. goodlooking but nothing inside it. it's just too bad. sorry about my going on and on, just had a conversation with a friend about this. so it's all in my head. lol

  8. i feel you, just go with the flow with things and yes SLEEP. Sleep where art thee. I need you badly.

    You have a lovely week too. Please if you see sleep tell it i am anxiously waiting..

  9. @Tigeress,i feel you on that one. Might do just that*

    @ochuko,back to basics. Yup,count me in bro. Nice week!

    @Plussize Goddess,in today's times beauty is all that counts-no brain notwithstanding if you get my drift. Yea i know it's just too bad,so what remedy would you propose?

    @BSNC,hello is that sleep? Ok BSNC needs you bad so go over there ASAP..hehe.

    Lovely week people*

  10. You know what..
    It sounds really weird but I'd love to have a conversation with you lol.. you should hit me up when I get back to Naij..I get the feeling that you'd be really mentally stimulating lol.

  11. @Dee Brighton,you call that weird. I call it....ok i don't have a word for it,lol.
    Alright lemme know when you come around*

  12. plan for this week, exercise, and pretend like the crazy deadlines & exam aint happening.

  13. 70 `% is good!
    I have been sooo slacking on making plans..everything is just so chaotic.
    I am still going to hold u on learning the language plan thingy...I won't forget :-P

  14. @Bombchell,i like that*

    @Adaeze. lol@ you not forgetting that...
    Everything chaotic,hnnm maybe you need to take a chill pill*

    Nice week!

  15. my plans for the week.
    1. take a pic everyday (not of its supposed to make me notice things around me more..
    2. Read my accounting book before class.
    3.stay away from online shoe stores...actually shoes stores in

    Hope you accomplish more than 70% this week.(U CAN DO IT!!)

  16. @*Diane*, a pic a day sounds nice,yea.
    Stay away from shoe stores uhn....why do i have the feeling about that not playing out like that,wink*
    Much luv, and yea i hope to achieve more this week-thanks for the encouragement.
    Nice week!

  17. @blogoratti, to say the truth, I think you make planning look so simple... I can always relate with your "new.plans.for.the.week" posts.. I'm practicing this!! :)

  18. @Ochuko,glad you can always relate to it bro.

  19. call up a new friend and say hello....well i checked my phone and it didn't ring...FAIL hahahaha

    and yes, as shallow as it seems a huge part of who we are is based on our body.....U r essentially what you look like before most people dare to look is up to you to present yourself in whatever way that best represents you.....u know what i find actually weird?....youth is wasted on the the time alot of people become actually quite satisfied with their bodies they have outgrown some of its uses...ppl have kids, boobs sag, six packs burst etc...there are studies that women reach their sexual peak in their 40's, but by the 40's the fine lines and wrinkles have taken up the lease on your face, you start looking for ways to hold on to your fleeting youth...yet here u r with all this sexual tension and you husband wants a hot blooded 23yr old...what to do?? COugarville!!!! lol.

    granted the road to self acceptance for alot of people can be a really long journey, getting there however is just as important. it sucks but ppl will judge you based on how you look....tht's life, we all do it to some extent.

    i really need to start making a list....but am too much of a free spirit i love going with the's to hoping the flow doesn't float me way off course.....

    hope you are well ?

  20. @CultureCynic,haha checked your phone and it didn't ring eh?

    In today's world, people would judge you not by the words that come out of your mouth, but by the way you look on the outside,yea*

    So you really need to start making a list uhn..Hoping it won't float you way of course too.
    I'm doing great and you?

  21. What a good habit you have there. I will copy.

  22. Mmmm...
    My early teens, my brother said to me "...Were you to go to a party and all you have on is just a singlet and pants...strut and mingle as if you are the one paying for their meal. They may all just start donning singlet and pants too"

    My physicals are only as important as to identify me in a photograph. My greatest asset (and which I want to be remembered my mind). May the day never come when I determine my esssence by how I look. Amen.


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