Saturday, June 13, 2009

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Behind The Times

Quote of the day:

Those who flee temptation generally leave a forwarding address.
-Lane Olinghouse

Is it
just me...






Like they used to?

No more feelings..
NO more.

Pretty wings..moving on to other things.

Current Listen: Maxwell -Pretty Wings



  1. Perhaps the global meltdown has finally hit blogsvile... Or blogsville needs another Idols contest or a Big brother style bash to engage people again..But man must wack o.... and work to wack..

  2. it is blog recession oh!
    funny cartoon by the way...

  3. nah its not u although a relative newbie I feel it too. lol at blog recession :)
    Love the cartoon tooo

  4. Interesting observation..
    I still find it hard keeping up..

  5. yeh- they sure arent. I miss Fineboy, Enigma etc and looks like we;re slowly losing Shona and Afrobabe- cos they've the case of blogarria real bad. :)

  6. hahaha, I love the caricature at the end.....ahhh, maybe there is a bug going round.

    you know I went to night school, so abeg take style and explain that quote cos it hasnt landed yet

  7. LOL @ bagucci and chayoma..

    @blogoratti, thanks for the reminder!! It's a wake up call.

    I also feel quality is much more important than quantity!

    1 meaningless post could cost your blog 100 quality readers and then there'd be a domino effect...

    Another reason could be that it's part of a natural process. The initial 'crush' goes through a steep upward curve and then you begin to mature and question and improve and take control.

    However, I'm not for 1 post a year!! LOL

  8. Plus I was your 3,300th visitor!!! HURRAY!!!!

  9. lol@ DB. Man must indeed wack.

    chayoma,blog recession you say.Hnmm!

    Miss Natural,you too? Mehn..

    Roc,yea i know what you mean.

    Tigeress,a case of blogarria sounds bad,hehe.

    naijagirl,bug going round uhn..not cool at all,lol. Ah that quote,you've got to read it over and over..

    Ochuko,quality over quantity...plain old economics eh?
    Do y'all agree with Ochuko?
    My 3,300th visitor -oh real nice!

  10. Its only you and you

    Well kind of sha. i like the cartoon, funny.

  11. BSNC,hnnnnnm not only me oh! lol.
    How is your weekend going..have a great week ahead!

  12. You're right. I guess the real world is taking its toll on us. I know it def is taking its toll on me :(

  13. @Buttercup,aww i know. Hang in there though,life goes on yea*

  14. Hey I update even more often than I used to so don't come at me lol...but then again i am not the most frequent poster. I think if I posted more often I wouldnt get any comments lol

  15. @Adaeze,hey you know i'm coming at you,hehe..
    If you posted more hnnnm. IF*


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