Monday, November 01, 2010

Plans For The Month

Quote of the day:
A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm.
- Charles M. Schwab

Hello folks.
Past week was more or less a good one- was able to get 70% of my plans done-didn't get to blog as much as i would have loved to too.

So it's the start of a new beginnings.
Time to take stock of the past month and deal with failures and unaccomplished plans.

The past month for me was one of the most productive so far this year-and I'm hoping this new month surpasses that.

Plans For The Month
1. Quit waiting for the 'right time' to do things -and just do them.
2. Keep myself busy with work, dreams and plans.
3. Avoid negative influences, and folks who discourage or depress.
4. Less worrying, less stress, more action.
5. Seek the company of like minded people.
6. Schedule time wisely.
7. Blog daily...Read 3 books a week.
8. Help others achieve their goals.
9. Be nice to everyone I meet.
10. Dream on.

Remember, you can be successful at anything.
Once you put your mind to it...

Here's wishing you all a Happy New Month!

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  1. Happy New Month!
    Wishing you the very best.
    Have a great week ahead!

  2. @2cute4u:Thanks so much for that, wish you the best this month!

  3. the list makes a whole lotta sense

    have a nice month

  4. I love your plans. Great and wise... especially the first one!

    happy November!

  5. Goodluck dear, have a great month

  6. @ lani: Why thank you, great having you on here. Cheers!

    @ Dulce: Many thanks...appreciate your comment.

    @ neefemi: I will, and you have yourself a marvelous month. Thanks!

  7. I like your plan this month and I think I just might follow your lead! great post!

  8. @ Lyrical_Jo: Feel free to follow some of them, thanks for liking!
    Nice month*

  9. Love reading your plan, hope you have a great month :)


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