Monday, June 27, 2011

I Can Be Anything You Want

Quote of the day:
Not all of us have to possess earthshaking talent. Just common sense and love will do.
-Myrtle Auvil

What can I be?

Can I be your captive, can i be your prisoner?
No escape, no retreat and no surrender.

I've got to admit that you got me on lock down.
I'm all chained now, i don't want no escape now.

They call you lady but i choose to call you queen.
Embracing your thousand and one light beams.

Your presence envelopes then goes round like echoes.
I am in the inner walls of your mind, don't let go.

A dream within a dream, my inception.
Strawberries on your skin, that's my imagination.
A sudden smile on your lips, is that a deception??

Right now i am the prey you are the hunter.
I am the path underneath you -the runner.

I am the wings on your shoulder when in flight.
The strings that you stroke on this guitar.

What can I be?
I Can Be Anything You Want....

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  1. When the heart feels love, the brain activates creative mode and the tongues spits rhymes... Nice

  2. @P.E.T. Projects: spit fire yourself,wink*
    Thanks for dropping by*

  3. Awwwwwwwwww you are in love. Cool

  4. Be anything for someone..and you will become her everything :D Wonderful thoughts, dear!

  5. i kinda wished someone was saying this to me
    Havent been here in a bit

  6. Hmmmmm. Looks life life is rosy and beautiful.

    Joy always,

  7. @ neefemi: Hehe, i see you.

    @ jabez: Why thank you miss J. Nice seeing you on here.

    @ Laurenta: Awww..well i am saying it to you and everyone out there,wink*

    @ Susan Deborah: Hello, how are you. Yes life does seem to be beautiful, always. Many thanks.

  8. Awww, loved this. I really liked the quote. However, I'll rephrase it, "All of us possess earthshaking talent, just not like each other. Common sense and love are the basics."

  9. All I can say is I envy whoever inspired this poem.

    Really passionate

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm popping you on my blogroll so I'll def be back

  10. @ Jaycee: I see you, and i like your take on that quote. Many thanks for dropping by.

    @ N.I.L (Naijamum in London): Why thank you, glad you like. Nice seeing you on here, and you are most welcome*

  11. Deep words... I'd relate it to my maker though... "Anything He wants..."

    Thanks bro :)

    - LDP

  12. When the love of a woman enters the heart of a man, nothing else matters!

  13. @LE DYNAMIQUE PROFESSEUR: Many thanks to you*

    @ Emeka Amakeze: Hey cheers!

  14. I'd said I wouldn't comment on ur blog but I'm breaking my rules.
    This is beautiful as usual, you spin magic with your words. You should write that book in your leisure time. It will fetch you money and fame. ReaLly nice again, liked it!

  15. Where are the share buttons, wanted to share on google buzz and twitter, it's sweet. Someone is going to be happy when she sees this.

  16. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....
    I like that, the complexities and simplities of love, emotional, physical, psychological....ah, all existing on the same space...

    I like that....
    peace my brother....

  17. @Anon: Hope that someone is truly special too...enjoy!

    @ Rhapsody B: You got it all right, appreciate your stopping by and peace&Love to you*


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