Sunday, July 19, 2015

Plans For The Week (15)

Quote of the day: 
Every sunset is an opportunity to reset. 
-Richie Norton

There are some moments when we need to get away from our present environment, that opportunity was one that I took in the previous week-to reset...and reboot. A good change of scenery is a great thing indeed. Fast forward to the coming week, and I've compiled my plans which I'll share below.

1. Meditate more often.
2. Read a book.
3. Attend an event for entrepreneurs.
4. Continue work on personal projects.
5. Sort out pending tasks.
6. Strive to be thankful each day.
7. Workout at least twice during the week.
8. Keep my dreams alive.

There goes my plans for the week, and I hope you've made yours too. Have a wonderful week!

Peace & Love always*

Current Listen:- Celine Dion -The Power of Love


  1. True. A change of environment is good for us especially for those who are inspired to write as a result of the environment they find themselves, one soothing to the soul.. and I hope am able to get a new book this week by God's grace.. been itching to lay my hands on a good one.

  2. @E - Rella: Yes indeed, always good to get away for a bit. It nice of you to come by, and all the best with finding a book for the week. Have a lovely week!

  3. Fantastic!!!!
    Love the mottos and quotes!!!!

  4. This is a wonderful list :) I would like to add meditation to part of my routine too

    Rachel xx

  5. Since my husband, the Great Scot, has the week off we are going to be a bit more relaxed about planning, other than for our anniversary. Sitting by some water sounds rather lovely.

  6. Very nice plans for the weekend. I don't meditate often. xoxo

  7. @Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic: Hello and many thanks!

    @Rachel-Beth: How is it going with you, hope you get around to doing that during the week. Thank you for your visit!

    @Jacquelineand....: Greetings. Happy anniversary to you, and I agree about the waterside thought. Best wishes!

    @Enara Girl: Hello, thanks for that and for visiting!

  8. No arguments with that list. Close to mine but without the entrepreneur event.

  9. Great list of plants for the week! Strive to be thankful is a great plan! Enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  10. Have a wonderful week, your plans allow you to have it.

  11. Ha. ... and there goes your week. I'll keep my plans simple: Keep happiness alive and well.

  12. Its good to have plans and it gives you direction in life. I like the things on your list your striving to accomplish x

  13. You got quite a list of plans. :) I also love the song you are currently listening to.
    God bless. Thanks for the visit. Greetings.

  14. Nice plans! May your week be blessed.

  15. Awesome! :)

    Thank you for your previous comment on my blog.
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  16. @J Cosmo Newbery: That's great, all the best with yours. Nice to have you visit!

    @eileeninmd: Greetings to you, and many thanks for that. Do enjoy the new week and all the best!

    @Lemontierres: Hello. Nice to see you here, and have a lovely week, thank you!

    @Birdman: Good thoughts. Many thanks for stopping by!

    @jabbott: Greetings. Thank you for your kind comments, and nice to have you visit!

    @Himalayan Sonam: Hello, its nice to have you come by. Thank you and do come around any time!

    @Fictitious Fashion: Many thanks for visiting!

  17. You have reminded me that I need to make a list of things for my vacation to relax and enjoy the time away from home.

  18. It seems to me , that the more time to myself that I have , the less I manage to do .After browsing your interesting blog posts , It occurred to me that a plan might work for me too . I believe that I would need two . One, a wish list and the other an actual achievable plan .
    Thank you for your visits to my blog and the kind words you leave .
    I too like your quotes .
    Sharing is caring
    hugs Shirley-Anne

  19. Sounds like a wonderful list to me.

  20. It is always good to have a change of environment once in a while. I will meditate on the Word of God.

  21. Amazing post dear!

  22. wonderful plans, I'm liking 6 and 8 today.

  23. Good list indeed and always have to keep those dreams alive.

  24. Very true, a change of scenery every now and then gives lots of new energy.

  25. @Linda Kay: Hello, I'm glad you've been reminded about making a list for your travel plans. Have a good time and best wishes!

    @Shirley-Anne Barber: Greetings. What a lovely idea about making two lists, it certainly is a good one. I am thankful that you'd take time to visit, its nice to have you and please do come by any time. Best wishes!

    @aspiritofsimplicity: Hello, nice of you to drop by indeed. Have a good week!

    @Nancy Chan: Yes indeed. All the best in the new week, and many thanks!

    @Ira Kharchenko: Greetings to you, thank you so much for visiting!

    @Christine: Thanks a lot for your visit, much appreciated!

    @Patt Hatt: Appreciate your comment and nice of you to stop by as always!

    @Marleen: Hello and thanks for visiting!

  26. sounds like a wonderful week!
    thanks for the song.

  27. May all your dreams for the week and much, much more, be your's.

  28. I love that you've included in your plans to keep your dreams alive.

  29. I love how are you really organized! :)

  30. I don't know about working out TWICE a week...even once is too much:)

  31. Practical and very inspiring!
    I am definitely on 1&2 for this week.
    Execution is the next stage.
    Thank you for these ideas.
    Have a Great Week!
    Peace :)

  32. 6. Strive to be thankful each day... That's no 1 on my list.
    Thanks for sharing your plans.

  33. I finished my classes last week,
    so this week is a relief - i will do my best
    to get my own students to pass their tests
    on Tuesday and Thursday.

    And I will appreciate those in my life.

  34. Yes I have. Planning keeps you in line. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  35. beautiful blog! maybe we can follow each other?

    welcome :)

  36. @Tammie Lee: Yes indeed it does. Have a great week and thanks for visiting!

    @Sherry Blue Sky: Many thanks indeed for coming by!

    @annell: Hello and thanks a lot for visiting!

    @EG CameraGirl: Dreams are everything. Thanks for that and for visiting!

    @Gloria Baker: Greetings friend. Well thank you for your kind comment, great to have you come by!

    @Caramella: Ha, that's funny. Nice to have you visit, thank you so much!

    @Chandra Eswaran: Good stuff, good of you to share that. Wish you success in the new week!

    @Ugo Egwumba: Sounds like a good plan indeed. Many thanks and all the best in the new week!

    @Doreen Perekpo: That's great, many thanks for visiting!

    @Ann Grigorieva: Greetings and welcome, nice to have you here. Thanks for visiting!

  37. Nice, I like the quotes and your plans specially being thankful ~

    Thanks for the kind visits ~

  38. Nice, I like the quotes and your plans specially being thankful ~

    Thanks for the kind visits ~

  39. Great list of plants, happy week :)

  40. Hope you are able to meet all your goals.

  41. i like like like oh no i love love love your blog

  42. It's great that you make these in advance for the week. I tend to see how it goes, but sometimes I miss things...

  43. Sounds like a good plan for the week. Have a great one!

  44. A great list! I wish U a wonderful week.

  45. Wise words for a fresh week. Thank you for that opening quote I shall steal :)


  46. Love the quote and your plan
    for the week :)

    Have a beautiful day!

    Tinna ✐

  47. An inspirational list, good luck with your projects!

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  48. Good list :-)

    Number 8 really is very important :-D Have a great week :-)

  49. I sure do need to make up a list for my vacation coming up...

  50. I plan to do something, glad I have set it in motion. No proscatination

  51. Great plans for this week! I need to meditate more and strive to be thankful for everyday. Great Post!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  52. Looks a lot like a page from my thoughts/Google Keep. I'll take this idea back with me :)


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