Friday, October 16, 2015

11 Things That We Take For Granted Every Time

Quote of the day: 

Even the most beautiful of the stars are taken for granted night after night.
-Veronika Jensen

There's no end to the things we take for granted in life. We live carefree, get irritated easily, and on top of that, expect everything to always work. Struggle becomes extinct, appreciation takes flight like birds migrating, and the little things don't matter any longer. Thus familiarity breeds forgetfulness and indifference. Life would be more meaningful if we at least paid more attention to those things that we take for granted.

But the little things, I've come to realise matter the most. I present to you some of those 11 things that we take for granted. And there's a lot more where that came from...

1. Clean water and healthy nutritious meals -We waste a lot.

2. Having a roof over our head and living in comfort. -A warm bed is everything. 

3. Sunshine, moon and the stars, clean air, rainfall, trees.

4. No natural disasters.

5. Great health, and working bodily functions.

6. Books to read, and places of interest to visit.

7. Time. -The one thing we take for granted the most.  

8. A beautiful mind with endless possibilities.

9. Technology -Imagine if it stops working.

10. A great source of income.

11. Friendship, family, and love.

Gratitude can be rewarding. There are a variety of things to be grateful for on a daily basis -taking a pace back and acknowledging those things is the first step.

Peace & Love always*

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  1. I try not to take anything for granted. Today is a gift and tomorrow is not promised. That's my mantra.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  2. A great source of income, what's that again? lol

  3. Very true. We are working very hard to be more mindful and less wasteful.

  4. So true. I thank God every day for the simple things and try hard not to take anything for granted. I am thankful most of all that Jesus loves even me!! : )

  5. yes. we must notice. NOTICE!



  6. I would like to be able to take for granted people understanding each other without prejudice.

  7. Those are blessings we should never take for granted.

  8. That's very true and we do waste a lot.

  9. All good things that we should remember to be grateful for!

  10. yes and you gave us a good reminder:)

  11. The very sudden death of my husband nearly 6 years ago changed me and my life forever. As strange as it may sound, since then, Gratitude (deliberately with a capital G) has been the dominating emotion for me. I am grateful every day for all those little things you mention and do not take them for granted, and although I do not belong to any organized religion, I firmly believe in God and talk to Him and thank Him for all the good things (however big or small) in my life.
    And with the refugees crisis right in front of my eyes every day here in Germany, the basics such as a nice flat with central heating, hot shower and a comfy bed have become even more appreciated.

  12. True, people often don't see what they have, thinking about what they don't.

  13. I don't take all of them for granted but yes some of them like clean water. Have a nice day!

  14. very true, even though I try to be conscious of most of them...

  15. Very very never knows how important these things are until they are taken away from you.

  16. So true! Thanks for the reminder :)


  17.'ve really opened my eyes today...and taught me the art of gratitude.
    Thank you so much.

    Have a great weekend! :))

  18. I liked the quote day!
    I wish you great weekend!
    Thanks for visiting!

    P.S. V would ask that you attach to your blog and Google Translate, thank you!

    1. Hello Elena, thanks for this suggestion. I will look into for you. Greetings!

  19. We should always be more grateful I guess...
    Thanks for this post!

  20. Tell me about it! So true!
    Someone once said "An ungrateful person is a great fool."

    Thanks for the reminder my dear.

    Have a great weekend.


  21. Yep you are absolutely right - so true :))

    Have a fab weekend,


  22. So very true! I never gave much thought to these things too. Time especially is truly a gift and must be appreciated way more that we do.

  23. So very true! I never gave much thought to these things too. Time especially is truly a gift and must be appreciated way more that we do.

  24. Thanks for a great reminder of how to approach the day. I do try to remember all the special things I have in my life.

  25. Your list is true. And goes on, and on, and on, and on.... maybe forever. We take so much for granted these days.

  26. Fabulous post, very interesting and useful. Yes, we do take many things for granted and millions of people don't have what we have.

  27. Sometimes, we just need to stop for a moment and think about the good things we have.
    Sometimes this may be hard, but your post is a timely reminder.

    All the best Jan

  28. Sometimes, we just need to stop for a moment and think about the good things we have.
    Sometimes this may be hard, but your post is a timely reminder.

    All the best Jan

  29. we take no7 for granted alot.we should value our time and make the best use of it.time must be invested,treasured,managed and enjoyed.

    cos to every opportunity,there is a life time

  30. I'm greatful for this post. Thanks for reminding us of all the things we take for granted!

  31. A wonderful post. We really take time for granted the most.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  32. Good reminder. I make a conscious effort not to take things for granted, but I still do..every day. I like that saying...if you threw all your troubles in a pile with everyone else's you would quickly grab your troubles back and run for the hills!

  33. How beautiful written and said because it is true. How many people would scream if their cell phones were gone or they eat crap food because it tastes good yet there are people and children so happy living in a hut without any phones or computers, eating one meal a day and yet they have a huge smile on their face. Sometimes I think and believe actually, the more we have, the more we want and the more dissatisfied we become

  34. Great wisdom and truth here.
    I spend a lot of time appreciating the little things...
    where does the time go.
    p.s. Thank you for your visit and kind comment at my Magpie's Nest

  35. You are very right. Especially health. We don't appreciate health till we fall ill, most times.

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