Friday, July 01, 2016

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I went Offline for 16 Days and this Is What I've Learned (6 Things)

Quote of the day: 

I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun. 
-Suzanne Collins

You've probably felt the need to stay away from the internet at some point. Without having to check for those things that you are used to (insert favourite social media platform here), but gravitating away from them even for a few days can turn out to be a struggle. I should know, as I've been mostly offline for since my last blog post over two weeks ago. This purge was indeed needed - a time for mental and physical reflection, incense burning, detox, and a host of other names to call it.

Now, getting back into the real world, into the mix of things, what I've learned can be summed up easily as the following:

1. It Is Perfectly okay to Break Away: 
If you are feeling overwhelmed, tired, and feel an overload while being online, there's nothing wrong with admitting that you need some time offline before you burnout. Its not like the while internet will stop working if you don't visit. Life will go on, events will keep happening and most people may not even notice your absence.

2. Do Something Worthwhile
Being offline has its perks like doing things with your hands, meeting people for face to face conversations, and actually having a proper conversation without having to check your phone every 5 minutes.

3. Get Some Rest
Hours spent online can be used for other things, like relaxation, and going to be on time, waking up on time and basically just having a great day with limited internet access for emails and updates.

4. Spend time Outdoors
Go out, enjoy the weather, soak up in the sun whenever its out and just be grateful for nature all around you. Touch leaves, smell the flowers and breathe in the clean air.

5. Read a Book
What better time to read than when your are offline. So get a book, one that you can get lost in, read the chapters, immerse yourself fully into the story till you get to the end. Get a new book and repeat.

6. Things Change each Minute
No matter what everything will change either-way -online or offline. Events will happen, seasons will change, there will be moments of laughter and sadness, and so on. The point is to live your life regardless. Savor each precious time you have, do the things you enjoy the most, with the people who matter the most.

The bottom line is this: take small breaks away from the internet, notice the things around you that you've taken for granted, and lastly be quick to adapt to changes in your real life as you would with technology.

Peace. Love. Light* 

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  1. Glad you enjoyed your break. I always try and make sure I get a mix of activities in daily. It's still good to disconnect from time to time.

  2. I tend to keep my phone too close at hand, so I've learned to keep it on silent. Helps me forget about it. :)

    Numbers 4 and 5 - both wonderful and can easily be combined.

  3. I think we all need a break once in awhile. I just finished a great book. I spent Sunday afternoon outside reading. I did wonder what had become of you?

    Peace, light and love...

  4. I think we all need a break every so often.

  5. It is good to have a break, whether it be a few hours, a few days, or a little longer.
    Time out from media can be so beneficial.

    Enjoy these last few days of June

    All the best Jan

  6. I think taking a break from the Internet gives us a perspective as to the amount of time we spend on the computer. I find that I have trouble finding a healthy balance between computer time and all the other activities in my life. (including the ones you pointed out)

    I took a break in 2015 and was so enjoying outdoor activities, reading and such I ended up taking the whole year off. Certainly wasn't good for my blog but it was a good time for me to re-prioritize my activities a bit.

  7. It's great to take a break now and again. I do miss my blogging pals, though!

  8. I have always done this and it's good :) quitting fb is the best thing I ever did in my life . Happy with what's app alone . Getting irritated with networking . Blogs - yea I love ! I learn so much reading others experiences and blogs always makes me smile .

  9. That's so true. I find it very refreshing to be offline for a week or two, once or twice a year.
    I'm glad you're back though :))

  10. I've been off Facebook for a week and it's done me a world of good. I might do it more often.

  11. Good to read your post! Yes, the points you have written here about what all you can do at the 'free' time is very right. I don't have fb in my phone, only in my laptop. So if I go out of home, I am free! Maybe I should quit fb...soon!

  12. I like the image, carrying Control. It fits.

  13. Taking breaks is a good idea from most everything except breathing... That's why I like wilderness trips but even there it seems the Internet is becoming more and more available.

  14. Yup. Sometimes we all need a break. Especially when the Internet becomes a chore. But glad your back. I enjoy reading your posts. Hope it was a fun break. 😀

  15. It's not too long ago when we were all unplugged. It seems to me we talked more to each other in those days.

    Striking up conversations with random people is something I try to do. Most people are willing to talk and share a bit of themselves even to strangers. I've had some fascinating conversations that way. It makes life interesting and everyday experiences are new with the different people you meet.

  16. Oh it is always fantastic to disconnect from time to time. Welcome back

  17. Glad you enjoyed your break! I think it is wonderful to disconnect from time to time. I haven't ever gone 16 days in a row- but I have gone a few days here and a few days there. Great lessons! :)

  18. I hear you 100% of the way. I keep trying to figure out how to implement and "unplugged" time of the day, but there always seems to be a good excuse not to. Thanks for the reminder.

  19. That's amazing!!! I am sure you inspired lots of people to do the same :)

  20. you know why i enjoy your blog, you always give me a laugh, something to think about and i always smile. THANKS!! for that. i think getting away is great, i wish i could do it more, but doing what i do 3 blogs, all for different reasons it is tough to break away ... & when i return i have a pooh ton of email to make it through. i am ready for a break now, wish i could. ( ;

  21. I spend most of my day in front of the computer at work. I haven't been posting regularly to my blog lately b/c I hate to turn on the computer when I get home and spend more time in front of a screen. I'm trying to get out on my bicycle or take a walk while the summer weather is here. I only feel bad to not be posting regularly, but a break is definitely good for the soul. :)

  22. I've been doing just that and it does help. Each of your points struck home with me. We can't ignore our need to do just those things. Thank you.

  23. I try and spend time away from the internet as much as possible, especially when I have things going on with friends or family. It's good to recharge.


  24. Hello, I am glad you enjoyed your break. It is a good idea to get away from the computer and phones. I love the outdoors and reading. Great advice, thanks. Enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  25. This post made me step and reflect. There will be changes made, esp. since we are moving at the end of July. Enforced diet here.

  26. Very wise. I try to stay away from the internet as much as possible. There is so much negativity out there lately that it just bogs me down.
    Glad you found your break rejuvenating.

  27. All of the points made in this post are good ones and we indeed did break away from the internet for a couple of weeks recently when in VA without regular wi fi access. I read 5 books within 2 weeks, solved a jigsaw puzzle and felt well rested as well. We all need to know that time away from our computers, laptops and tablets can be a very good thing.

  28. This is so nice. It's good to remain offline for once :)

    Thanks for your wonderful comment in my last post.

    Maybe you'd like to see my new post Chevron Image

    Much Love

  29. Its always nice to have a little time out to regroup and reflect
    Pheezy's corner

  30. Exactly! We indeed need to take out time to breathe! Love the "Spend time outdoor" something I need to learn -___-

    Welcome back!

  31. Great pic. Says it all. I need to do this.

  32. I will give it a try:)
    I like the image too.
    Creative, so well done to you.

  33. I was away from my blog, and social media for a while and I did some of the things on your list. Lazy me, I was only able to read one book!

  34. A break is a good thing and we all need it ! :)


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