Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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What I'm Really Thinking Is to Improve Myself

Quote of the day: 
Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together. 
-James Cash Penney

With the wave of the new year celebrations long washed away -apologies to those who are yet to take down their Christmas tree, there is a sense that the status quo will prevail which is why I've outgrown making resolutions. I've cut back on the secondary, and minor things and instead focused on the primary and essential.

What I'm really thinking now is how to live even more healthier, and treating my body with utmost respect. This goes with my mind too. I envisage creating more time for my advancement. The right time is always now. The path that we choose to follow has repercussions down the finish line. At some point one has to decide whether to run, stand still, crawl or walk.

The worst part is feeling the need to achieve something but not having the will to. And when this need rises to the surface, it attempts to drown everything else around. Will eventually turns to a way, and a change occurs, like a seed growing out from the soil -a result of many underlying factors often naked to the eyes. There will always be cause and effect. A ripple in the ocean causing waves thousands of miles away.

But we live and learn.

Peace. Love. Light* 

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  1. That is the way. No time like the present. Screw the resolutions. Want it done, do it now.

  2. Small steps can also achieve the goal ;-)

  3. I'm with you. I'm just moving forward, always seeking to be kinder, more aware, and more fully alive!

  4. That's a good way of looking at things.

  5. This is an excellent path to take. I'm doing the same.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  6. Interesting post, thank you for sharing :-)

  7. Your posts always make me stop and think...

  8. Lovely image.
    Wish you wonderful time.

  9. May the road ahead be filled with wonderful self revelation and health!

  10. I always forget my resolutions after about 3 weeks. Which means right bout now I have no idea what they were. However, I always seem to find something early in the year (after I've forgotten resolutions)to focus on, and that happened again this year. Hope your focus is something you succeed at.

  11. You continue to grow, and it is a privilege to be your friend

  12. My husband always used to say Start Small. The big jobs can be overwhelming, too much of everything, time, energy, etc.
    So start with the little things, putting away things that are just dust catchers, sort the papers in 2 piles, important and trash ..
    I am throwing away Things. I have just moved here this past year so I don't have too much, since I did a big "throwing away " when I moved from Argentina back to New York .. but now I am considering another move. Things must go .. so I can go , unencumbered ... with 3 cats of course .. sigh ..
    If you do a little each day, think how much better things will be in 7 days, 1 week .. a big change.
    Whether it is eating less meat or more veggies or walking instead of driving .. little things add up to big things.

  13. the Christmas tree is not one issues i deal with, but i do have other them i need to get on the ball about. so I can sure understand your way or thinking or thoughts. i tend to very particular about the way i clean & keep things neat. it was something i was raised within. ( ;

  14. Like you, no resolutions. Just a desire to continue with my generally healthy regime of diet and exercise.

  15. And when this need rises to the surface,
    it attempts to drown everything else around.

    There will always be the nagging reaction of uncertainties in the immediate. A positive reaction can help to start the ball rolling towards improvements. In time it will result in achieving some percentages of the 'undeclared resolutions'to bring one to a higher level.


  16. Hello, Mr. Blogoratti...yes, sometimes,we just have to take one step at a time...once we take that first step, things seem to move a little faster...

  17. Very well written... you left out One "choice" ... turn and run like Hell !! ( we normally try the "duck and cover" method)... a happy 2017 to you and yours, good Sir...

  18. Bonjour,

    Nous apprenons chaque jour, nous grandissons et apprenons ce qui est bien pour nous... Se remettre en question chaque jour mais surtout aimer...

    Gros bisous 🌺

  19. Thanks a lot :D

    super inspiring words :D love it

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  20. Live and learn is so true. I always appreciate the positive messages from your blog. I hope we will see you more often in 2017. Take good care and be well my friend!

  21. Wish you success in the new resolutions.

  22. You always have such inspiring messages, loved this one! xx

  23. We often waste time and resolutions help us along that way. I like having life principles regularly checking what I am doing against them.

  24. Great to read your post.
    Some excellent thoughts and observations.

    All the best Jan

  25. Hi Blogoratti - 'now' is definitely the time we need to sort our own lives out - and realise what's important - so much is about to change ... it's worrying - but if our own world is settled it'll be easier to deal with other aspects, which we have no control over. 2017 is the time to concentrate on the primary and essentials ... excellent thoughts - cheers Hilary


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