Saturday, October 14, 2017

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3 Things to Inspire Your Weekend: #71

Quote of the day: 

Just for today, smile a little more. Just for today, ask someone how he or she is really doing. Just for today, remember, while some may have it better than you do, there are others whom definitely have it worse than you! Just for today, just let go, just for today. 
-James A. Murphy

Image credit: AlexandriaPoliceDept

Heroes are everyday people doing extraordinary things as seen in the case of Earl Melchert who left work for home to pick up a forgotten item. As he prepared to head back to work he noticed someone about half a mile away who turned out to be missing 15-year-old Jasmine Block who disappeared from her home about a month earlier. She had escaped from her abductors-one of whom was a family acquaintance, and had been knocking on doors to get help. Melchert recognised her face from the news. Later, the Alexandria Police Department offered him the reward money of $7,000 and he refused to accept it believing that the family needed it more than he did. He therefore gave the money back to Jasmine and her family.

Image credit: JordanBrand/GettyImages

Michael Jordan, 54, stepped up his philanthropy by donating $7 million to fund two health facilities for poor communities in Charlotte, North Carolina. With the hope to provide an avenue to affordable and quality health care to individuals in the community with little or no health care as well as providing a healthier future for the children and families they serve. Jordan has supported several charities in the past including the Nevada Cancer Institute, Cats Care, St.Jude Children's Research Hospital and Kids Wish Network.

As seen on Arch DailyWest Yard Farm

Architects: van Ellen + Sheryn
Location: Devon, UK
Photographs: Richard Downer Photography


A refurbishment and extension of an 18th century farmstead providing a large and contemporary family home which makes use of the wooded valley setting.

Theme:  Situated within a conservation area and National Park, and sitting on a 60 acre wooded valley, a single storey steel framed glass structure was built in between the farmhouse and barn thus creating a new heart to the building. A blend of old and new, the surrounding woodland supplies a generous amount of fuel for wood burning stoves and solar thermal panels provide much of the hot water requirements of the hosuehold.

Peace. Love. Light* 


  1. Melchert and Jordan are both angels. Have an inspired weekend.

  2. Oh, I really like both of these inspirational stories! The house is lovely, but a bit too much glass for my taste.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. It's always nice to read about people doing good things.
    I like the glass walls, but they would not be practical here.

  4. Love that quote and thanks for the weekend's inspiration!

  5. Who needs paintings on the wall when one has that lovely scenery through such gorgeous windows. :)

  6. Now this is a stand up guy, Earl Melchert recognizing and taking time to make sure Jasmine Block was rescued, then turning around and giving the reward money to the family, you have to really respect a man like this.

  7. I read about the man who gave his reward to the girl he rescued. That was a feel-good moment.
    Any time I hear of someone making things better for others I feel good. Michael Jordan did a wonderful thing.

  8. Always, always look forward to your good news on Friday. And I'd love to live in that house!

  9. It makes me very happy that Mr. Melchert refused the reward. That house looks so warm and inviting.


  10. I like the quote of the day. What a different world we would live in if we all did that.

  11. Just think, if that guy hadn't had to go home for that one thing, that girl might not have been found. So lucky.

  12. What gorgeous examples of the beauty of humanity!! The house is stunning!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  13. A stone house has an olde-world charm about it. I like the big open living space with a wonderful view.

    Peace, light and love!

  14. It was so nice to visit today and read about true heroes. What a wonderful way to start the weekend!

  15. Beautiful quote and beautiful houses! Just for today, remember to smile. It may not be much but it may light up somebody's day! Have a great day!

  16. remarkable quote!

    Earl' story of courage and honesty is INCREDIBLY TOUCHING!, as i was watching a thriller movie.

    World needs more people like Michael ,i always wonder that if the soem people of this world who have countless money and media release their ranking for being as rich time to time if give one percent of what they have ,how many poor on this planet will able to live life filled with at least basic needs.

    Charming house ,beautifully made and in a glorious area .
    thank you for sharing the inspirational post

  17. I heard about the first. Great for both to do indeed. The home sure takes in the view.

  18. Hi Blogoratti - what great thinking people Melchert and Jordan are ... I'm so glad Jordan is putting more cash into the poor of his area - to help them through with their health. Another lovely looking house ... cheers Hilary

  19. Luckily there are some good people around...
    That´s a beautiful combination of old and new, I love it.

  20. Thanks a lot :D

    super interesting content as usual

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    Please, VOTE FOR ME

  21. I think the hero giving the reward to the abducted girl is wonderful. Very touching.

    Nice job, Michael Jordan too. Always wonderful to see a giving attitude.


  22. Wow, that man was in the right place at the right time. That girl got lucky. And Michael Jordan is a class act. I didn't realize he was in his 50's. Happpy rest of your weekend.

  23. Very inspirational! And I do like that house!

  24. So nice to hear these stories of kind and generous people. Beautiful addition to the old stone cottage. x Karen

  25. Always Wonderful to hear good stories of folks doing good things.

  26. Oh very interesting post darling
    Thanks for share

  27. I always enjoy your 'inspire posts' thank you.
    I do like the quote from James A. Murphy.

    All the best Jan

  28. Looks really interesting! Have a nice day)

  29. That quote is pretty amazing, and yes, I'm smiling! Hugs...RO

  30. Always Wonderful to hear good stories of folks doing good things.


  31. Beautiful quote!

    There are good people in this world. My goal is to inspire and touch millions of lives someday. So help me God!. I have realised that you don't really need to have so much money to be able to help and inspire. If you have it, great. But I know one can lend his/her voice, time, energy into something that can change lives. The advent of social media has also helped. It's a great platform for any one who is interested in making an impact.

    Great post as usual my dear.

  32. I think the hero giving the reward to the abducted girl is wonderful. Very touching.

    Nice job. Always wonderful to see a giving attitude.

    doctor strange (2016)


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