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3 Things to Inspire Your Weekend: #73

Quote of the day: 

Treat everyone with politeness and kindness, not because they are nice, but because you are.
-Roy T. Bennett

Image credit: LATimes

One person who tries to uplift commuters bustling across Union Station in Los Angeles is Mathew Shaver, 30, who although has no home has a positive outlook on life. Quietly taking a seat at the public piano within the station, on most mornings Shaver who has played piano since he was aged 4, believes it "is the most positive influence in my life". His playing can often attract a crowd and even though he is homeless-or as he likes to describe it it, "home free", there is a certain fulfillment he derives from playing the piano, that and also the need for money and survival.

Image credit: Radio.UCHILE

Chile is to ban plastic bags in more than 100 coastal areas -a bid to halting accumulation of ocean plastic which is a serious problem. Chile's president Michelle Bachelet signed a bill aiming to put the ban into effect and also allow non-coastal areas to join in on the project to eliminate or restrict the use of plastic bags. And with a plan to create a 1.6 millon square kilometers of marine conservation. A study by the American Science magazine in 2015, estimated 8 million tons of plastic are dumped at sea annually, posing a serious threat to the environment and marine life.

As seen on Arch Daily, Dune House

Architects: Jarmund / Vigsnæs AS Arkitekter MNAL / Einar Jarmund, Håkon Vigsnæs, Alessandra Kosberg, Anders Granli
Location: Thorpeness, UK
Photographs: Nils Petter Dale


Replacing an existing building, and located on the coast with surrounding views, a holiday house for living and rental.

Theme:  Built to purpose and to take in the breathtaking seaside with a nostalgic design feel of bed-and breakfast locations while travelling through the UK. The all glass feel and appearance emphasize the floating appearance of the top floor. The house mixes solid wood, and dark stained cladding which blends in with the environment.

Peace. Love. Light* 


  1. Thank you for inspiring us, B

  2. Yahoo for Chile banning those bags. I think all the 'civilized" nations of the world should follow suit and not just leave it up to communities as we do here in my neck of the woods. happy weekend!

  3. I am imagining the live piano music entertaining the many busy people at the station. Mr. Shaver is an inspiration, not all of us are cut out for 9 to 5 jobs and he truly is a free man!

    I think all plastic should be banned until they can come up with an alternative. I've seen the ugly masses of it that are in the oceans and what it's doing to nature.

    I like the 'open' feel of the glass bottomed house, but wonder about condensation on the glass during changing weather, and I don't do windows ...

  4. I think all the 'civilized" nations of the world should follow suit and not just leave it up to communities as we do here in my neck of the woods. happy weekend!

    แตกใน xxx

  5. Union Station is a pretty low-income hub of people, so to hear about this piano playing is WONDERFUL.

  6. We should all be like Mathew Shaver to find hope and a positive outlook even when we think we're going to hell in a handbasket.

    I saw an article somewhere on a bag that was made from natural fibers, but it looked and felt like plastic except it would biodegrade. That would seem to be a smart solution.

    Have a wonderful weekend

  7. Sure glad to hear about that plastic bag thing. Horrible things in the ocean

  8. plastic is a scourge and a blessing in other ways. Sigh.

  9. Hi Blogoratti - Mathew Shaver deserves so much in life - what an inspirational man ... I sure hope he gets a roof now ... and gets recognised for his playing. Plastic is the bane of our lives in this day and age - and affects so much - another country doing something highlights how many other countries should ban plastic - not easy. Wonderful house - cheers and enjoy the rest of the weekend - Hilary

  10. Am absolutely mesmerized by the Dune House, friend B ... It proves that an explosion of ideas can still be minimalistic and clean and simple and beautiful ... Thank you ... Happy week end ... Love, cat.

  11. Varied and inspiring for certain!

  12. That first story really touched my heart!

  13. Both are noble things.

    Love the house. Wow.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  14. What a beautiful story of Mathew Shaver!! And I applaud Chile for banning the plastic bags. The Dune House is stunning!! I love all the windows!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  15. Nothing wrong with plastic. It is how we deal with after we have used it that is the problem. Sadly, we don't do that well and so the ban has to come everywhere.


  16. Public pianos & plastic bag ban - same here in my community.
    And we have views, but not that gorgeous seaside view.
    Great collection!

  17. Great post, my friend. In Greece, where I live, plastic bags will be banned next year. This is so good for the environment! Have a great day!

  18. Mathew Shaver reminds me a lot of James Bowen with his cat, Bob - have you maybe met them selling The Big Issue or busking in London?
    Plastic bags. Despite here you have to pay for them since like forever, many, many people still use them. Banning seems like the better idea then!
    Love the openness of that house!

  19. I liked the 'floating' house, but it's very unpractical here in cold climate. Many glass windows get down the temperature in a house and you have to pay more for heating.
    The problem of plastic bags is here too, tonnes of plastic are re-utilized every year.

  20. I wish I was rich and able to help that man who plays the piano. He has such a positive attitude, "home free" not homeless. I pray that he continually gets the support he needs.

  21. I admire anyone who can sit and play the piano. I'm sure he feels free, yet connected by playing.
    I want to tour that home - wow. Stunning views, no doubt.

  22. Looks really interesting! Thanks a lot for sharing)

  23. In Sweden they stopped giving free plastic bags in shops a couple of months ago. A great thing IMO. I always have had my own bag and rarely used the plastic bags so I think it was about time to stop it.

  24. I hope one of the listeners will give him a job, he is an inspiration and no matter what life has taken he still has music in his heart.

    peace, light and love

  25. My community bans plastic bags. It's an interesting transistion. Hoping it helps.

  26. I like your site and content. thanks for sharing the information keep updating, looking forward for more posts.

  27. I wish i could be one of those commuters as i love the musical waves of piano .
    i can hear this for sooo loong. It widens my horizons and broadens my imagination!!!

    I appreciate the lifestyle of Mathew who has "Free Soul" like an innocent bird .and enjoys his harmless life with small pleasures around him and wonderful gift he blessed with!

  28. here too plastic bags are huge problem but don't have such ambitious souls like Chile who can raise their voice for such cause ,as in under developing countries Rich care about "how to raise their bank account" and poor care about "how to save the day from miseries of life.
    Middle class like us care about how to better our lifestyle .
    Truth is bitter to sallow


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