Monday, December 22, 2008

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Barbecue Sunday

Alright so the weekend was quite okay for me i guess.

The highlight of it was the barbecue party i went to on Sunday. My friend,lets call him Deez threw a lil' barbecue party in his home. 

I mean who am I to miss out on grubs, lol.

The menu was made up mostly of salads,rice, vegetables,chicken and pieces of meat cut into tiny pieces. There was a guy working the barbecue grill and he always made sure to keep the supply of chicken flowing and non stop too..

Apart from the food, it turned out to be great fun. Did a little networking and I got to meet old friends from school as well...and we all caught up on the latest news and know the usual

With a nice waterfront view, enough food to go round and drinks as well, i must say it was a well planned gig-for a Sunday. The only show spoiler was the fact that most of us had work the following day(don't you just hate Mondays).... -:(

No doubt it surely turned out to be a great way to spend a sunday afternoon, albeit I left there reluctantly around 7pm....all I could think of was monday morning...

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