Monday, December 15, 2008

What's wrong in being comfortable with oneself?

What's wrong in being comfortable with oneself?

That question has been running through my mind today. Actually i was asked that by a close pal friend (if there's anything like that)-lets call her Miss T.

Her question to me went something like this -is it wrong for a woman to be comfortable with herself?
And my very first thought and reply was, no I don't think so. Like there is no reason why a woman shouldn't be comfortable with herself. Be it in her carrier or relationship or whatever she chooses to be comfortable with. If she's not comfortable, the opposite then is to be uncomfortable. 

But really what's the fuss about? 
According to Miss T. someone had just told her off about her being too comfortable with know like it was a bad thing or a crime to be comfortable. That got her thinking a bit, reason why she asked me the question in the first place.

Whatever does that even mean? "Being too comfortable"..? 

Another thing Miss T. said was that "lots of guys are terrified of a woman who's independent, confident, and knows what she wants out of  life".  She said it was sad but true.
And thinking from a guy's perspective, I actually agreed with her(don't crucify me yet guys). 

I told her it was only natural really, that men have become programmed by society to be the provider, and what happens next when your partner can provide for herself? 

Whatever happens when she not only buys herself a car, but rents an apartment, buys expensive clothes, pays her bills -all by herself. What happens then? How is a man-the so called provider supposed to feel ? I asked the question and I answered it. I said he feels threatened.

Her reply was -Yes, the balance is shaken, I get it....but it shouldn't be so Miss T. said.
My only reply was that men and their egos are too hard to separate.
I told her to keep her head up, and keep being herself-to which she replied that she would, that she didn't know how to be anything else....

So what's the deal guys?
I mean yes-even men have fears.....fears of getting close....intimate. Our egos are that fragile, but i guess it all depends. Some men have egos the size of a an apple, while others have egos the size of a peanut...

Okay before I go off tangent, I think the womenfolk are going to be the new men providers....if you still can comprehend all that I've been saying, here it is in plain English -Women are the new Men. 

And err ehm, yes you can quote me on that.


  1. true talk...its sad but its tru...but not all guys tink lik dat...depends on ur upbringing and how enlightened u r...although i understand y guys r scared sumtims...a chick can go outa line sumtims...but depends on d kind of chick

  2. Exactly!! it depends on d kinda chic. So it all boils down to the man knowing his woman, her abilities and disabilities. If a dude is sure bout dat, just add good upbringing and enlightenment and i believe there's nothin to be scared about..

  3. thats the truth.. we women are tired of depending on men.
    Nice article though

  4. @Anonymous,thanks for the comments.

    @sisi,we are tired too,lol.
    Thanks for dropping by...


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