Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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The Thing About Knitted Wears

Knitted wears are quite creative especially the hand made ones.
We all have(I think) one form of knitwear or the other that we wear, mostly a sweater or a pair of sock or whatever.. 

You don't want to come off as a bore, so you do need at least one knitwear in your wardrobe. If you have a sleeveless sweater for instance, it could be worn over a nice crisp shirt-which kind of gives it a semi formal look, and yes you'll get compliments as well(wink,wink).

Anyways, I got some knitted gifts today from my friend. Lets call her Misty.
Now misty knows how to knit, mostly sweaters which always comes out looking good in the end..

I've posted some pictures below for y'all to see what I'm talking about(and yes they are both hand knitted by misty). 

There are two of them actually. One is a black sweater (V neck, sleeveless), and and the other was meant to be a wool neck tie -but it could also pass for a muffler i guess...

What is knitting?
It is a method by which thread or yarn may be turned into cloth.

All about Style
It's all about one's personal style really, and of course how the weather looks on any given day. Like you wouldn't be expected to wear a sweater when the sun is blazing outside right? Exactly.

I particularly liked the tiny hole designs on the surface of the black knit sweater, and the necktie too looked good with the three horizontal stripes. Also i saw some cool knit ties made by Ralph Lauren online,going for $75 a pop.

The good thing is that the designs kind of have this look similar to mine above. 
The bad news is that they go for 75$ a pop. lol. 

 See Picture and link below.

Add some flavour 
Though it does seem most people rarely think about knitwears and the addition to their style while dressing up, you can still add some fun to the way you look by adding little touches -a V-neck sweater, scarf /muffler or a  necktie (all knitted of course). 

So why not add some knitwear flavour to your style persona next time you are dressing up. 


  1. creative, wen im made im a have me a private all my sweaters, socks etc will b custom made

  2. Really cool stuff.. would love to have one of those sweaters.. T.I.

  3. wow she's pretty good...i like!

    always wanted to knit, tried it but never got the hang of it...

  4. @Anonymous,thank you for the comments..

    @exschoolnerd,great stuff uhn.
    Nice one!


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