Wednesday, January 21, 2009

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Question: How do you know you are big?
Answer: You know you are big if you have your own line of shoes made by nike.

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Now a yong man that has been making waves in sports is LeBron James who's got incredible talent and high-powered playing style. He is still a very young man,he's only 24 and there's no telling how many records he'll break or how many championships he'll take his team, the Cleveland Cavaliers on to.

For all huge fans of LeBron and the NBA, you can catch him on the cover of GQ
(February 2009,U.S Edition).


Now one actor that's got it going for him too is sylish Chiwetel Ejiofor who was born in London's Forest Gate to Nigerian Parents. He is 34 years old.
Ejiofor made his film debut in the television movie Deadly Voyage in 1996. He went on to become a prominent stage actor in London. In 1999, he appeared in the British film G:MT, in which he appeared totally naked as he walked towards the camera.

Ejiofor had his first leading film role in the 2002's Dirty Pretty Things, for which he won a British Independent Film Award for best actor.

Photos: Coutesy GQ.

He has been in several other movies as well, and some of the most popular include -American Gangster (2007), Redbelt(2008), Inside Man(2006), etc. He is set to also appear in a number of movies this year. 

For those that want to keep up with the Obama administration, well he has unveiled a new presidential website. According to Cnn, the new design includes more interactive features, a photo gallery and a blog , Visitors to the site are invited to e-mail the new president and his staff, and new site is more dynamic than the official Bush White House site. How about that? 

President Obama's official White House Web site launched during his swearing-in ceremony. Courtesy Cnn.

Visit the site here :

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