Wednesday, January 14, 2009

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Today's Feature:Obama

So its mid week and things are looking pretty much the same as last week. I can't help but ask again (for those that made new year resolutions), how is that coming along? I'd like to know how that is going, so hit me with the progress fellas ;-)

In the news today,its all about the gaza war and the upcoming inauguration of Obama. 

For those of you that are clueless and don't know (lets assume for a second that we've got aliens in our midst), he is the 44th president of the U.S and his upcoming inauguration is on the 20th. 

Speaking of Obama, his face has graced the covers of so many magazines from TIME magazine,Newsweek,GQ,Rollingstone,Wired,Ebony magazine just to name a few.  I won't bore you with too much story,so just sit back and enjoy the photos.

He is on the cover of GQ-february 2009 edition,(see below).
In this article, GQ examines the 44th president's regime change and assesses whether his team in the West Wing can deliver the Change that is needed. 

That of course won't be his first feature in Gentleman's Quarterly (GQ). His first profile on the magazine was in august 2007.
(see below: Obama on the cover of TIME, GQ [august 2007]). 

He’s an incredibly magnetic and also photogenic person, an so he lands on the covers of a lot of magazines (don't blame him,don't hate him either).

Other Obama covers include :The Ebony Magazine August 2008 issue which featured him on the cover, as well as Newsweek and Vogue magazine, and TIME(again) (see below). 

On the cover of time magazine,err yet again. (below)

Newsweek and Men's Vogue magazines. (Below)

And lastly, he appears in a spiderman comic book (how cool is that).
"The Amazing Spider-Man" #583, to be released Jan. 14 by Marvel Comics, Barack Obama
 meets Spidey when the superhero thwarts an Inauguration Day scheme perpetrated by the villainous Chameleon.

During a tense standoff, the comic book Obama tells his Secret Service agents, "This is official government business. Get the wall-crawler out of here!"

But when the Chameleon reveals himself, Obama says, "OK, I was wrong, Spider-Man. This is definitely your department."

For Marvel Comic's Editor in Chief Joe Quesada, Obama and Spider-Man together make perfect sense.

When we heard that President-elect Obama is a collector of Spider-Man comics, we knew that these two historic figures had to meet in our comics' Marvel Universe," he said in a release. "A Spider-Man fan moving into the Oval Office is an event that must be commemorated in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man."

So the world awaits the historic inauguration on Jan 20th 2009 all i can say is "Yes we can!!"


  1. nice piece.. first of all, I had made no resolutions for the new yr..

    Your write-up just reminds me of his book "The Audacity of Hope", this just shows sheer dream, belief and focus.. someone who knew where he was heading to, someone who challenged the status-quo and rose above challenges..

    All the same, hope i'm caught in the "Obama web"..

  2. Thanks for the comment.
    And you are not alone, as the world is caught in the Obama web so to speak..


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