Thursday, March 12, 2009

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Quote of the day:
The hottest love has the coldest end- Socrates

So was chatting earlier with a friend of mine today-lets call him Mr.Y, and after all the small talk about this and that, catching up on events and things, the conversation steered toward this tiniest of problems that seemed to have enveloped him recently. . 

According to what he told me, there was this girl that he had the hots for, and he had been all over a while back, even daring to ask her out. I said daring because some people waste precious time getting to that part. Anyways, the girl in question- she did what most girls would have done-she turned him down flat and apparently shunned him thereafter. (sad uhn, !!). As we all know shunning is a deliberate way of keeping away from someone.

Well, what is the problem you might wonder, hasn't he moved on with his life since then? 
'She shunned me and has now started coming back, were his words', that's where the problem is. He asked for my advice, and i told him what most guys would have told him, and which is 'shun her back too' Two can play that game, right? The snag is, he confessed to still having a thing for the girl, even though he's confused about it all ......ahhh life !

I mean if that were to happen to you, how would you deal with it?? 

Sometimes we do that right? Deliberately shun a person or people just to make them feel inferior, we belittle them and they often end up feeling terrible and let down. We all have done it at one point in time or another, and it sure feels good to shun someone doesn't it? Does it mean my friend deserved to be shunned? Well i can't really answer that, because i wasn't there when it happened was i? All in all shunning is like a statement for some people. Some shun people who've hurt them or embarassed them, others just shun just for the fun of it, while a few shun things like vices and bad habits, some stars shun publicity, the list is endless..

So much ado about shunning, lets stop the shunning alright people? Now that's the spirit !!



  1. he shld bone her jo...and if t was viceversa ill tell d chic to do d same. Gbenga

  2. lol@ 'he should bone her jo'. Well i believe two wrongs don't make a right mister...but who knows how it'll all work out for them.

  3. first time here....nice blog

    My first instinct was "shun her back", knowing women....who is to say she's coming back for them to have a thing together? she may just be coming back....just friends.
    for your friend, he should tread need telling the girl that he still has something for her....might not do him some good

  4. @naijagirl, thank you for dropping by!
    And my exact words were along that line -'don't go professing love and all to her again, in fact don't even bring that up,just take things slow'..


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