Wednesday, March 04, 2009

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What's In A Username?

Quote of the day: 
It's always the challenge of the future, this feeling of excitement, that drives me-Yoshihisa Tabuchi

My username is blogoratti...what's yours?....
Today,usernames have virtually replaced our birth names. The other day i needed to create a new email account - and i became a nervous wreck all of a sudden,i mouthed a silent prayer beacause in my mind all i could think of was 'please don't let this username be taken'... 

So good thing for me the username WAS available. There and then my nervousness /anxiety /tension/ nerves ended-it felt good to have a new username that hadn't been taken. Yes i'm a username junkie (i can't help it,blame technology please!) as you've learnt briefly from my introductory note,and i'm suspecting that most of you are too. 

How many usernames have you got ? How many websites have you signed up to, when did you get your very first,second,third,fourth... email address?.  How do you go about recollecting the numerous usernames and often times complex passwords attached to every one of your online accounts from yahoo, msn, aol, blogger, wordpress, excite, gmail, myspace, friendster, facebook, twitter, etc just to name a few. Not to forget the endless usernames and passwords for online bank accounts,company mails,university portals and on and on and on..

So how do you keep track of all your numerous passwords with login names -your alias to online forums and the long list of email accounts that you have. I've got a long list of usernames and passwords from email accounts to online forums,softwares and the like. Some passwords i have to change every 30 days,while others i get to change anytime i feel the need. 

What about you -  do you write them down somewhere for easy reference,or are they all stored in memory. Have you ever had to pick your brain to rememeber-say the password to your newly created email account-annoying as that can be,i also wonder whatever happens to all these usernames,passwords and accounts when we are no longer living -so much of our personal lives are stored on different servers across the globe. I guess the word 'personal' isn't so much personal anymore these days. 

So i'd like to get a feedback from everyone 


  1. usernames are good. its a way to be invisible without being invisible.....and i like it like that. different people know me with individual user names.....and i like it like that
    I have so many accounts and passwords that sometimes I confuse myself. I started writing down my passwords after i got locked out in many accounts due to wrong PW.

  2. @naijagirl, invinsible without being invinsible...hnnnm. We all confuse ourselves,it happens-as for writing out passwords aren't you scared it might get into the wrong hands.

  3. what scares me more is my identity/privacy being made known. I dont write down my passwords on pen and paper; why? 1. I will lose the paper, 2. i will go paranoid just wondering who came across the password
    Sometimes, i hide the password of one account in another account. I worry though about what will happen when I go to the great beyond; will anyone be able to crack open my journal, emails, online forums, blogs, what about my bank account, business account, school account. Will someone be able to find the PW to any of these? will anyone actually care?.....too much worrying is not good for my mind

  4. @naijagirl,identity theft is not a good thing to experience no doubt,hence anyone would be scared of protecting their passwords. And err,too much worrying is not good like you said. hehe.


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