Sunday, March 01, 2009

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How To Make the Best of Life

Quote of the day:
Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow -unknown author

It's the very first day of a new month-the third month of the year. Oftentimes people say 'oh the year's running too fast', and  i wonder. By fast i guess what they are indeed trying to say is - 'i'm trying to make good use of my time,but i've not been able to'... 

So when the year's almost over and you haven't achieved much, there's no one else to blame but -'the year that ran too fast'. So what in essence is it that prompts anyone to think that the year is running to fast? And is there such a thing as the year 'running too slow' ? I mean we are still talking of the same seconds,minutes,hours,days and months right? Or do some people have different calendars from the rest of us-maybe their's have shorter days-which explains the 'year is running too fast phenomenon'. 

The future it seems is running too fast for some people. I mean i still have an older aunt that can't check text messages on her phone and neither is she at the most interested in the internet with its voice and emails and not to forget social networking-for some reason embracing the latest technology is a great effort for most older folks. Back in the day they didn't have to learn how to use new things this quickly. 

The internet,mobile phones,mp3 players,blogging are some terms that still baffle/confuse/perplex the majority of old folks these days -the fact that their generation has to try and keep up with ours, leaving a great number of them behind in the process.

It's the same for us all too-as we fail to embrace some things in our lives that affects us in the long run. Such things as adapting to change, moving to a new environment/home, new job and colleagues, a new government, new laws, a new way of is an endless list i tell you.  

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