Monday, April 27, 2009

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Forget Me Not

Quote of the day:
The question is not what you look at, but what you see -Henry David 

Many things have happened 
water passed under this living bridge

there's a seige on our emotions
everything that i wanted i let go

memories are leaves
and i walk on them daily 

i remember you
i remember your eyes
the twinkle in them and those smiles....

i remember us 
i remember our dreams
the beauty of it intoxicating...

i remember life...

future looked so far away...
now it's just another day 

i remember you...

violin strings of melody
you and i Siamese twins-what a tragedy

Current Listen: Avril Lavigne -Forgotten


  1. nice poem. kind of sad though..

  2. Now this made ME remember stuff, i didn't feel like remembering!

  3. What RocNaija said.
    Good stuff as usual.
    In lieu of the post, check out Taylor Swift's Breathe. happy monday.

  4. "cut me real deep"
    nicely written...

  5. Blog, was the post for me? *wink wink*

    This was a beautifl post and like Roc said, brought back some memories or lack of it.

    I love the quote too; what do you see? are we seeing same thing or....

    and you had to crown it with my girl avril


  6. a blank verse with nolstagic feelings. Short and embedded with deep messages. beautiful and well constructed poem.

  7. talent, talent again i say, nice work!!!

  8. sometimes it hurts to go down memory lane. i promised i was not going to look back again, but reading this, it kinda feels good to remember some good things. u really write well i must say

  9. Melancolic, but good as always.

  10. @BSNC,sad uhn?...yeah it is come to tihnk of it*

    @Roc,Memory lane uhn. I feel you..

    @TayneMent,thanks for the heads up,would be checking that out*

  11. @chayoma,awww hope the cut wasn't too deep,hehe. I know what you mean though,reading it over again after posting. Thanks for dropping by*

    @naijagirl,lol@ *wink wink*.
    So what memories flooded back to you,hhnnnnm?
    And as per that quote: we see the same things,one way or the other,hehe!

  12. my darlin B , i ve missed you....but i will be back soonish to catch up on old ones i promise...but u r words are as poignant as ever...beautifully done!!
    p.s u berra have missed me too....yes the only acceptable answer is " why wldn't I"

  13. @mike,thank you-far too kind*

    @OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz,glad you approve,nice of you to drop by

    @Naked soul,yea sometimes it feels good to remember,thanks for the warm words..

    @Adaeze,hi there-thank you,glad you like*

    @CC,why wouldn't Miss you like a fat kid misses cake*
    I see you, and no i'm not complaining,even though you've been MIA...i know you'll be back*

  14. This makes me incredibly sad, especially: "Memories are leaves and I walk on them daily". Beautiful poem X



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