Sunday, April 26, 2009

Planning For A New Week

Quote of the day:
Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality -Ralph Marston

Past week's been eventful so to speak, but what better way to start a new one than to have it all planned? So this past week i was able to : Focus (getting minor distractions out of the way),work, help someone in need, call friends, exercise and of course blog...amongst others!

What about you, how did your week go and how much were you able to achieve? 

New plans for the week 

1. Network. Increase professional network.  

2. Lifestyle check. Reduce the stress level.

3.  Accept changes 

4. Blog, blog, and

5. Learn a new language. There i said it.

6. Work less, achieve more.

7. Read a new book. And of course music...

8. Never stop dreaming.

9. And finally, call an old friend or two. See how they are. 

So there it is folks, looks like it's going to be another exciting week.

Remember to try your hands at new things -be adventurous.
be thoughtful. be unbreakable.. be natural.

Let your week be filled with all these and lots more.  
Have a splendid week!!

Current Listen: Frank Sinatra -My Way


  1. Dude ---- Where do you dig out all these quotes from mehn.... And I thought I read! Nice plan -- Blog, Blog Blog.. You can't go wrong with that one man...

  2. Cool, what lifestyle changes do you wanna make?

  3. @ Danny BaGucci,yes you read!!
    Glad you like the quote and blogging-One can't go wrong with that,true talk!
    Thank you and have yourself a good week!

    @ Miss Lowlah, i plan on reducing my stress level-down from last week. Basically just have more fun, work or no work...

  4. Amen to more fun this week
    and to learning a new language (even if its yoruba lol)

  5. @ OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz,more fun to you too this week, and err was thinking french would do,lol*

  6. my week was okay i guess. i achieved 78.9% of my plan

    lol what language do you want to learn, i'm just curious..

    have a wonderful week too

    current listen: maxwell- lets not play the game


  7. navigated from light-her-lamp.
    nice post. It's always good to plan ahead for the week, helps to be focused and productive. And if you one does not achieve the week's goals, can move it to the next week and re-prioritise.

    off to do my own list now. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week achieving the list :-)

  8. @BSNC,78.9% uhn -scratches head*
    As per language was thinking french, you know brush up on all those classroom lessons,hehe.
    Like that Maxwell song..
    Have a nice week okay*

    @ Remi, United Kingdom, you are right about it helping one to be focused and productive...
    Good thing you are off to do your very own list as well..
    Thanks for dropping by and do have a great week*

    @My World, oh really...
    Tell me you speak french, i need a tutor,hehe!

  9. How do you learn a new language in just one week?

  10. Interesting list!
    I love that quote, if only I could always go on with that in mind, without doubts!
    I can see its French you wanna start to learn, that is cool

    and i like the blog, blog, blog, number 4

    Should we add number 10.... try to do something to spend some more time with God, improve my relationship with God.......
    Nice week!

  11. you're so good at structuring your week! Man, if you can learn a new language in a week I envy you :-P

  12. are you done with the book you were reading last time? Blogging, hmmm niiiice, i will have to take a leaf from that book
    reduce stress? ahh! my number one goal for everyday of the year

  13. did you read the book i recommended? because if not, me thinks we're going to have to fight. lol. But great list, i'm definitely going for:
    #5- spanish
    #2- i don't want
    #9- i kinda suck at kit

  14. @ Original Mgbeke, i was hoping someone would ask that,lol.
    You wont believe what one can learn in a week,wink*

    @ Olufunke, missed out on that number 10, thanks for the heads up*

    @ Adaeze,i'd learn it a lot faster if i had a tutor,hehe..But a week is way too short to learn french i think*

    @naijagirl,ahh that book,yes i'd be done with that soon...
    Your number one goal for everyday of the year?

    @ *Diane*,
    Yes i'd be going to the book store soon, to get that book you recommended,so you see no fights between us,hehe..
    Liking the modification:
    I see you going for spanish, that's cool-i'll learn from you later,lol*

  15. I'm curious, what language have you decided to learn?


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