Sunday, April 12, 2009


Quote of the day: 
Nobody's a natural. You work hard to get good and then work hard to get better -Paul Coffey

The past week has been full of actvities, the highlight being the start of the Easter holidays...
I guess i can say that most of my plans were achieved, albeit one of them is yet to be done -no.3 on my previous plan was to read a book....any ideas anyone?

This week's my plans are going to include the following: 

1. Continue with the positive thinking, positive ideas.

2. Get enough sleep. 

3. Read a book (in from last week)

4. Exercise. Eat healthy.

5. Blog, and blog and...

6. Manage time by planning. It runs so fast these days..

7. Keep in touch with friends and family.

It's a new week. Be you. Be amazing. 
Be successful..
Have a successful week !!


  1. no 7!!! and no. 2 I totally wish right now as I do not have a life as I am drowned in my books!!! *sobs* books hmm... I so cannot think of anything for blogaratti right now..xx

  2. i love it :Be you Be Amazing....CC says b Glorious!!!! have a great week dear

  3. sounds like an awesome plan.too bad i know it'll be hard for me to keep to, besides the be amazing part of course :D

  4. Loveee #1 :-)

    as for reading a good book.. have anything in mind? i love reading.. i'll literally read anything lol.


  5. lol #5 blog, blog and yes blog. your plans are wonderful as usual. have a splendid week too

  6. Thanks for the positive notes...
    A book? I'm also looking out for suggestions for the week!!
    Av a gr8 week ahead ;-)

  7. @ LovePaprika,awww i'm feeling you on those -not getting enough sleep too uhn? Hang in there okay*

    @CC,thank you for that. wink wink*

    @TayneMent,lol@..'besides the amazing part of course..
    Hey TM,when do we start with the music gist n all...

    @Dee Brighton, i have nothing in mind-reason why i need your help,any suggestions?*

    @BSNC,yeah blog and blog,hehe!
    Ahem,i'm yet to receive a piece of that birthday cake...!!

    @ochuko, oh you too??
    Anybody out there with a good book suggestion?!! Holla*

    thanks,and nice week people! *

  8. So you have a plan for everyweek then?

    We'll be holding you to task then bro!

    Havea good one!

  9. i have a good suggestion

    The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins!!!!!!!

  10. @RocNaija,yeah i'm hoping i can continue planning every week..
    Y'all would go easy on me if i don't deliver right?
    Okay good,lol...
    Have a splendid week and nice looking out!

    @CultureCynic,will see if i can lay my hands on's a good read,no?
    *Thanks for that CC..

  11. The fountain head or Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.. they're long books.. really philosophical story lines though.. you'll think this chic was a witch or something after you read it cuz its almost impossible to imagine that someone could think that way. amazing book though, you should check it out!

  12. lol really i thot i send it to you, thats strange..

  13. I think its really cute that you make weekly lists!
    As for a good read, i recommend Maximum James Patterson. Seriously you will be hooked!

  14. it is not good mate, it's glorious!! U r a thinker, and I am SURE u will dig it. i will send u my copy, but it is my only one and i am sure u wont give it back after reading, and i dont want to just dash it u! lol

    warning...the book is exactly what it sounds like!!to be warned is to be fore armed. lol

  15. @ Dee Brighton,thank you for those suggestions..*writing them down*

    @ BSNC, really really strange i tell

    @*Diane*,aww thank you-and welcome back!!
    Would add that to my to-get list...James Patterson rocks by the way,thanks *

    @CC,lol@it's glorious...oh it's that deep uhn-for me not to want to give it back....hnnnnnm! We'll see about that,hehe!

    thanks everyone*

  16. be you....i like that. its interesting how many times we lose ourselves in the midst of things

    Ok ooo, what kind of a reader are you? what books or authors interest you? Dont get everybody throwing suggestions at you, only for us to find out you would rather read "one week one trouble"
    have a great week....i shall check for accountability at the end of the week

  17. @ naijagirl,lol@'one week,one trouble'..
    I read fiction,and philosophical books, also biographies...
    NG,Oh accountability at the end of the week, why now* lol..

  18. coooooool..good luck!

    hmmm..a bout an M & B?

    hehehe :P

  19. lol, to get enough sleep has been one of my goals for years, I have yet to succeed.
    How about a Million little pieces by James Frey? Read that one? Or What is the What by Dave Eggers.
    What kind of books do you like anyway. There are so many genres.

  20. @Butter,hnnnm M&B-wouldn't you want me to try that,hehe!

    @Adaeze, aww you too? Guess sleep is on many folk's list,lol.
    I haven't read any of those you mentioned, but will sure add them to my list...
    I can read anything, so long as it's interesting i guess*

    Thanks everyone*

  21. Book to read: Twilight People by Houze


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