Friday, May 08, 2009

Innocently True

Quote of the day:
Paralyze resistance with persistence -Woody Hayes

i over hear them
speaking in silent tones
but a gentle breeze oftentimes
carries their conversation towards me

I'm reminded about the past
too often i forget about the future
today the sun smiled at me
i felt the linger i felt the mercy

I always was with them
but they never noticed
today they spoke out loud
they said the world was theirs
but even from where i hid
i sensed their inner fears

They talked about greatness
but all i ever felt was innocence

Current Listen: Lenny Kravitz -Calling all Angels



  1. OMG..I am gonna pass out. I am firrrrrrrrrrrrrrrst!Have a wonderful weekend 'Ratti.

    I love Lenny Kravitz, but I sometimes think all his songs sound the same. what you think?

  2. Ok, i'm trying to figure this out. I'd come back when I do. That's if I do.

  3. at what point is innocence lost?

  4. Paralyze resistance with persistence...

    Another one for my white board!!! Thanks dude

  5. Liking the quote to begin with..

    Gotta admit your poem was over my head though..

  6. This one was real deep! Took me 3 times to read and now I feel i'm starting to get it. Strong.
    I love the quote too.

  7. hmmm... i think i get it, that line "they talked about greatness but all i ever felt was innocence"..

  8. TayneMent, don't pass out yet you hear,lol.
    You are somewhat right about Lenny's songs sounding the same way*

    @Ochuko, ah there you go again trying to figure me out*

    @Miss Lowlah said,don't even go there,lol*

    @DB,most welcome sir DB*

  9. @Roc, glad that you like,thanks bro*

    @Adaeze,you approve uhn? Glad you found it an interesting read *

    @BSNC, aww you do? That's nice, thanks.

    Nice weekend everyone*

  10. Hmmm.. But its not a fight between greatness and innocence, no?

  11. @One Naija Dude ,a fight between greatness and innocence, you think so?


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