Sunday, June 07, 2009

Week Of Fortune

Quote of the day:

I have often regretted my speech, never my silence -

So it's been a week of different events.
Different news, some good and others not so good.
All in all it was an interesting week..a fortunate one.
Filled with life, energy, inspiration, acceptance and much more...

Life must go on.

Currently reading: 'Property Management Kit For Dummies' by Robert Grisword...
Also '1001 ways to be Romantic' by Gregory J.P. Godek.
Yeah i know,sue me!

But really 1001 ways to be romantic? Okay, since this is my 191st Post -a quick flip through the book to no.191 says 'When you’ll be traveling without him/her, leave one greeting card for each day you’ll be gone....
That goes out to all the romantics out there. Keep the love flowing...

So back to last week's plans, i was able to do much except the shopping and movie watching part which were canceled at the last minute.

My Plans for the week

1. Have a positive state of mind.
2. Live life a day at a time.
3. Smile more.
4. Blog,blog,blog,blog....
5. See if i can catch that movie and shop for new gears.
6. Learn something new while being more adventurous
7. Call up an old friend just to say hello.
8. Eat out more often.
9. Be decisive. Be focused. Be alive
10. Goodbye 'anxiety', Hello 'inner peace'.
11. Celebrate everyday like it was special. It is special.
12. Continue with the '20 minute principle'.
13. Read a book.
14. Keep the dreams alive.

So here's hoping for a more fortunate week-for us.
Remember,the only thing stopping you in this life is YOU.
So stand up in a dazzling triumph...
with a defiant courage..
and cap it all with an energetic enthusiasm.

It is time to take what rightly belongs to you-no more waiting in line...
Surprise yourself...Dazzle 'em this week!!
Have a fortunate one.

Current Listen: Maxwell -Fortunate



  1. First!
    And ditto to all that you posted. have a lovely week.

  2. Look whose coming in second...
    yup, that's ME!

    loving this one.
    On a romantic note, imma be showstopping this week! (so that's not romantic, sue

    you have a good one now.......

  3. @chayoma, lol@on a romantic note...
    Enjoy yourself while doing that, and hey have an adventurous week*

  4. Have a wondeful and fulfilling week :)

  5. @BSNC,i hope to do just that.
    Wish you a week of greatness -make the best of it. Thanks*

  6. So I'm liking that book you're reading. I wish more guys would actually bother reading it..*sigh*

  7. I'll stick to my 48 Laws of Seduction by Robert Greene.. Lol..

    Similar quote to the one you got up here that I like.. "I'd rather be silent and have people think I'm a fool, than to open my mouth and confirm it.."

    Have a good week bro!

  8. @Tay-mee,who knows your wish might just come to pass...hehe!

    @Roc,is that different from the 'Art of Seduction' by Robert Greene?

    That quote's right on the money too..

    Have an adventurous week!

  9. nice goals/plans; I particularly like no. 10...

  10. @justdoyin,hi ya.
    No.10 has surely got to be on everyone's list....
    Have a nice week, thanks for dropping by.

  11. What happened to learning a new language?
    I wish you the best of luck with all your wishes and hope you have a wonderful week.

  12. @Adaeze,what happened to learning a new language?
    I would be getting back to that pretty soon..took a lesson break,lol.

  13. 1001 ways to be romantic huh?
    u shud blog bou dat soon lol

  14. Lovely quote at the top! Thanks for number 7 going to do that right away!

  15. @sweetness,yeah i really should uhn.
    We all need just a little bit of romance in our lives anyways,hehe*

    @olaoluwatomi,aww thanks. Glad to see you are doing the no.7,nice!
    Thank you for dropping by*

  16. Yup.. That's the one.. Mixing his 2 books up.. My bad.

  17. honey, how many of your things to do where you able to accomplish? I love the think positively and smile.

    @quote....I have been told anyone can say anything when they know how to say the right things

  18. @Roc,yeah my thoughts exactly..

    @naijagirl,it wasn't easy but i left two things out...
    'Anyone can say the right things'...?
    Hmmmn are u sure about that*


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