Thursday, July 23, 2009

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Where Have All The Naturals Gone?

Quote of the day:

A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.
-Mark Twain

The other day i was i usually do.

About women (I do that often, sue me!)....and the fact that most of them that i know personally-i rarely get to see their natural hair.

I remember a while back, having this same conversation with one of my female friends, lets call her choco...

Bratti: So Choco tell me, what's up with women not wearing their hair natural anymore these days?

Choco: Smiling, she gave me that 'Oh no you didnt just go there' kinda look.
Well, you see for me it's more comfortable and easier to....

Bratti: Comfortable?

Choco: Yes i mean, it takes a lot of stress off taking care of the natural hair, which oftentimes is unruly and you need to keep retouching it and stuff.

Bratti: I take out my notepad and jot down while nodding,lol. Nah i'm just kidding.
I see, so you've never gone natural before?

Choco: Oh i have, it's been ages though. All i do now is i braid, weave and add extensions....
By this time my mind had already drifted off...

What triggered off these thoughts of mine again today?
An old article that i came across that made a whole load of sense, aptly titled: Where have all the naturals gone by Beatrice Hogg

So i ask, where have all the naturals gone?

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  1. Dude it's official, I'm stalking your blog!

    As per your question, we're still here o! We aren't extinct or anything. Personally, the boyish crop doesn't suit my face and the longer our natural hair gets, the harder it is to work with(or I'm just über lazy and low maintenance), so I just rock weaves. My goal is to rock my hair more, but then again I've been sayin that for the past 4 months. I'm blaming it on the fact that i'm an easy go, easy come woman...

  2. lol! i have my natural giving hair. been growing an afro for 3 years now and i'm proud!! all natural but i dyed it honey blonde though!

  3. my hair comes out of its braids during the summer for a month,
    so in 12 months of the year, i rock mine one-twelfth of the year...
    i try now!

    Besides its easier to manage in braids and weaves, plus the hair is protected from harsh weather climate and breakage....

    *i am no hair stylist oh*

  4. Another natural checking in.

    Love your blog btw.

  5. as ur friend said...natural hair is difficult to work with plus there is the whole sociey requires straight easy manageable hair but thats another
    love the blog

  6. I have a fetish for long natural hair...

    There's this gal in my office with long natural hair...

    Now i wonder why i just said that.


  7. 9th
    i am of the opinion that if your hair don't grow, you can buy some
    i usually do too...

    bite me!

  8. I have natural hair and wear it as it is but I must admit that I have a problem with men asking this question or men saying stuff like 'All these women with weaves sef, no one is natural anymore'. Half of the time these same men will end up with some chick rocking Beyonce style cascading weaves.
    Also, natural hair is pretty hard to maintain. I currently wear mine short but when I had a lil fro, I used to have to wake up an extra 20 mins or so to do it up. Can't knock the peeps who don't wanna be bothered with the stress.
    The end.

  9. right here, aside from the occasional bridezilla moments...

  10. From my humble point of view, I will say that apart from uncomfortable reason, it takes a lot of guts to keep it natural.

    Well spotted.

  11. From my humble point of view, I will say that apart from the uncomfortable reason, it takes a lot of guts to keep it natural.

    Well spotted.

  12. Truth be told..
    All hair looks the same when the woman is horizontal..

  13. been wearing my hair natural, weaving it ie didi, hanunbiu etc for a few months then got tired and permed it but still wove it but again got tired of looking for people to weave it for me, Most hair stylists would rather perm, or braid than weave hair so i got tired last week and fixed it! Instead of begging to have someone weave my hair every weekend!

  14. dont crucify me yet, when u say natural do u mean, natural unpermed? or natural permed?

  15. My natural hair...Hmm I don't even wanna remember! It broke combs! My mama had to wrestle me in between her legs just to get me to let her brush the hair after she washed it!

    So Amen to Relaxer o!

  16. LOL @ Lady x- Ditto Mehn...cant quite deal with my natural hair..hate getting relaxers but I have no choice..*sigh*

  17. im natural but that's because I have no choice, I have very thin and fragile hair and despite the fact that I've cut it totally many times it still grows like permed hair. dont want to lose my hair before i'm thirty :( I prefer weaves and braids though cos it gives me a totally different look, not just because they are easier to manage or anything.

  18. funny post! hahaa at Roc's comment esp!


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