Friday, July 31, 2009

Wonder Ponder

Quote of the day:

At the worst, a house unkept cannot be so distressing as a life unlived.
-Dame Rose Macaulay

All that i know now...
At this point in time...this moment.

This second..minute..

What if i knew it all back then..?

Would i...
Have turned out a different person....

I wonder...

I wonder...
If i like people for who they really are.
Or just for the way they look/appear.

I wonder...
If it's possible to just be free.
Floating like birds in the sky.

I ponder...

I ponder..
I wonder.

I wonder if memories of the past..
Will stay with me till the end.

Current Listen: Anthony Hamilton-Her Heart



  1. Hmm...Different person? I don't know but I have a sneaky feeling i might be in a 'place' cos i probably would have made different choices... we really know who people are?

    ...nice as that sounds [sorry to burst your bubble], i doubt it. Lol!!

    ...hmm, that would be nice...some memories anyways


  2. oh they do! memories sticking with you till the end i mean.

  3. Love the song...I think a tear may have made its way down my face

  4. Repressed One,hnnnm thanks for the burble burst :)
    Yea you would have been in a 'place', no doubt. No matter the choice one makes eh..

    Thanks for sharing.

    @chayoma,lol. Hnnnm do i take your word for it?

    @48,awww really. A tear is good -no more than that :)

  5. This describes my feelings right now quite well!

  6. If I knew all that I know now then, the path i tread today will be a different one.


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