Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Forward, Onward, and Upward

Quote of the day:

Actions lie louder than words.
-Carolyn Wells

You see in life one needs to keep evolving.
As it is i'd like to know that you've changed in some aspect of your life, that you've evolved and not remained static, i mean think about it. If months turn to years perhaps and you haven't really evolved much, you haven't advanced past where i left you the last time-what would i make of ask? A day is enough to evolve, okay scratch that-a month, a year, a all doesn't matter you see,as long as you EVOLVE.

That's like the greatest gift in life...that ability to evolve and attain a much higher persepective, embrace things you'd never attempted-dont ever think you have arrived,always keep evolving!

And for that reason, if you feel that you've done all that you can-and that you can't go any further in achieving anything-then you are wrong.

..If you were sad yesterday,why replay that same scene today....why not evolve, and propel that sadness into joy today?
..So what if you failed before. Same way you failed is the same way you can succeed.
...doing just one thing is not enough -push yourself to do the limit...

You see
If you can have just one dream-then you can have many dreams.
If you can experience failure-then you can as well experiment with success.
If you can be nobody- then you can be somebody.
If you can know one thing -then you can know everything.

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  2. I like! This is so true. I've Learnt someting. Thanks!

  3. Full of wisdom.Learning is a circle in life that keeps rollin till one's last breath..

    Brilliant post dude...


  4. That quote is gonna be on my brain for at least the nxt 10mins

    Cheers to constantly evolving tho.

  5. I love 'If you know something, you can know everything.' well said!

  6. ..If you were sad yesterday,why replay that same scene today....why not evolve, and propel that sadness into joy today?
    I love :)

  7. well written.
    taken to heart.

  8. i totally agree with you. that is why so like the word 'aspire' because it gives us the inspiration to constantly look up, strive, and like u said, evolve and not at any point think that we have arrived.
    Thought-provoking post.

  9. @Ms. Dufa,we live and learn. Thank you!

    @Trybes,learning is a circle...true that! Nice seeing you on here.

    @48,constantly evolving it is. Thank you..

    @Ebony~!*,thank you,far too kind.

    @chayoma,good to hear that.

    @histreasure,aspire is a powerful word too,the mere thought of it gives one a rush!!

  10. Good stuff. I'm a constant work in progress...I can never remain static.

  11. i liked all your you sees, yes i can see.

    i loved dido too :)


  12. @Original Mgbeke,that's lovely :)

    @BSNC,hey you. Glad you felt that..good lookin' out,yea*

  13. That Dido song is one of my best. And your quote and writeup are on point too. Keep sharing.

    Check out my blog and comment if you can. It is a draft of my romance novel. I liked your movie review post. Seems we share some tastes...

  14. Introspective piece as usual..
    Nice one, Mr B!

  15. First time checking your blog and it's nice. I see you like quotes like me... check out my blog btw I'm new here

    “The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be.” - Oprah Winfrey

  16. @My World,hi you..been a while eh. Thanks for stopping by!

    @Myne Whitman,Oh word?!
    Nice of you to check in-many thanks.Thanks for the heads up,be checking you out soon.

    @RocNaija,Sup? Nice looking out bro'

    @Suru,Woa-Welcome on here,good thing you dropped by..i'd check out your spot in a minute.

    Many thanks!

  17. If you were sad yesterday,why replay that same scene today....why not evolve, and propel that sadness into joy today?

    good question

  18. i love your energy
    your swagger
    its encouraging!

  19. @Uzezi,a very deep one!! Thanks for stopping by,yea.

    @Tisha,thank you-appreciate your comment :)

  20. Thanks for the comment and YES i LOVE Janelle Monae hehe she is ART. Her music is beyond great. Nice post..matter of fact i like your whole blog and am following hehe. You should also follow mine (if you like it that is)

  21. @Tia,janell monae...gotta luv her music-only for the bravehearts..
    If i like it that is? Err No-i don't.

    Haha,m jus playing! I'm doing that already(following). Appreciate all that,i'll see you around,yea*

  22. OOOOOO I LOVE THat Dido song!!!! actually she is one of my go to's

    Evolution is necessary, but most of us say we go thru it yet we find ourselves stuck. sad but true , but i feel like some people actually de-evolve, like some sort of reversal of order and downgrade themslves, they downgrade their dreams, they downgrade their perspective .or even worse they settle..tht is called giving up, might as well just die innit?. u can never overcome an obstacle standing in the same position u were in when u came at it, u can either go forward or backwards or even side ways in some cases...the goal should always to keep it moving as you have said foward onward and upward.....

    B!! CC has really really missed you, being soooo bz but i am coming back to ya small small k. hop u gud dear. keep up the awesomeness, rock on!!!!

  23. @aloted,i'm happy you found that interesting,many thanks.

    @CC, had better be coming back,even if it's small small..yea. Or else :)

    I find your whole 'de-evolve' thing pretty amusing,in that -if you can evolve,you can also de-evolve right?

    Bottom line is not to be at the same spot..

    Good to have you back,and hey missed you more:)

    Take care!

  24. I love this... wow.. and I loooooove Dido. Have all her albums... favourite is "life for Rent"

    Have a great weekend :-)

  25. Inspiring.. lol @ the quote..

  26. lovely post sir!
    i like where u sed if u can experience failure..then also u can experience success!

  27. Hi Remi,i'm glad you like...all of her albums? Nice! She's a great musician.

    Why,thank you butter!! Do come again.

    Gee,i like that you love that. Thank you for checking in.

  28. ooh, i looooove life for rent. matter of fact, i love dido. her lyrics are very mature and they actually make you think. when listening to her songs, i find myself trying to decipher her hidden meanings. one of my faves is white flag. loooove it. lol. sorry, what were you talking about? oh yeah evolving. yeah, we all have to evolve. its a rite of passage in life. we just HAVE to. lol

  29. action "lie"? hmm, i like that twist.

    nice post

  30. @Bibi,okay-ok i get it already... You love DIDO,lol. Haven't seen you in a minute..

    @afrocouture,Thank you!!

  31. I loved those last four lines... Very nice. Just the kind of positivity I needed to start a new week.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  32. @miss.fab,glad you were able to take somethn' somethn' from it all,hehe.
    Nice of you to come around!


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