Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tiny Bird Big Song

Quote of the day:

I feel like a tiny bird with a big song!
-Jerry Van Amerongen

Sometimes i feel that way....
You know a tiny bird...With nothing but a big song!

They say the world makes way for a man that knows where he is going...i agree. I seek to be that man, i'm on my way...slowly but surely.

If i have to crawl to get to that point, that peak -that climax of which i seek...

I'll do it.
I'll do it without even thinking...

But you see my greatest fear is not reaching the potential that i was created to reach.

My greatest fear.
Is perhaps giving up when...
When the finish line is just within an arm's reach!

When the finish line is just within an arm's reach...

I will remember this...

I am a but a tiny bird....
With nothing but a big song!

Current Listen: John Mayer -Why Georgia



  1. You will get to the finish line, its all about determination.

  2. Giving up is NEVER an option! In my head, no such thing as giving up sef...

  3. "Determination" is the word. Its only a matter of time. "A tiny bird with a big song"..Feel like that too sometimes. I like!

  4. hey i know u!!

    odd, i found ur ass of blogspot, hmmm..

  5. u will get there. slow and steady does it..

  6. u shall get to the finish line..perseverance and determination is alll it takes..
    i like that prase/sentence "a tiny bird with a big song"

  7. You will win "tiny bird" ...

    Lovely poem..

  8. I know what you mean... in the days of poetry I wrote, I'm just afraid of failing when I knew I could succeed.

    You will and you will well!!

  9. I give up when I'm dead until then I ride HARD!

  10. Yes, never forget that when you reach the finish line..

  11. BSNC: Yup yup. Determintaion is tha word..

    48: No such thing as giving up,no such thing as...recite x100.

    Ms. 'dufa: You too? Nice!

    teebay: Ehm do i know you? lol. Sup!

    sunnyside: Appreciate that.

    iigurl: Yes o!That's all it takes..

    TRYBES: Yep,that's when i'll sing that victory song. Thanks for the comments.

    bob-ij: Hey hey! Thanks a lot for that..

    Nice Anon: lol. You ehn...

    Butter: I plan not to. How you?


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