Sunday, September 06, 2009

New Week Plans

Quote of the day:

Ability will never catch up with the demand for it.
-Malcolm Forbes

Hey hey..
How are you folks doing, been a busy week,no?
I'm really striving hard to get important things done before the year runs out totally...

As it is,i'm striving real hard..with my mind screaming 'time's running out'...
So for this week i've got to keep the tempo going.

My Plans For This Week
1. Don't lose focus.
2. Work on a personal project.
3. Be grateful for the little things.
4. Read books and magazines.
5. Call a friend just to say hello.
6. Blog and tweet.
7. Leave the past. Live the present.
8. Improve grooming and workout.
9. Get more rest and sleep.
10. Dream BIG!

I'm doing all that and loads more...what about you..
Written down your plans yet?

Remember you've got the ability to be anything...
Happy New Week.

Current Listen: Lemar -Time To Grow



  1. Hmmm.... I should call my high school best friends to say hey. It's been a while. I really suck at staying in touch with people lol.

    And I have school organization stuff to work on this week!!! Argggh

    Happy new week!

  2. well done. I pray you accomplish all your plans and more... in excellence too.

    My plan for this week is wrapped in one word.. FOCUS, FOCUS.. and then.. FOCUS!

    Have a geat and awesome week
    Much Love

  3. I still cant believe u actually write down goals every single week and follow through....

  4. i knw what i will be doing tmrw...
    catching up on stuff...
    Happy Labor day y'all :)
    Labor -free that will be me tmrw

  5. I need to make my own list oh!!!

    Will most definitely read more books and be grateful for the little things.

    have a great week

  6. 3,7 & 10..I'm stealing your goals and converting them to mine! :D
    How have you been? Been a while..

  7. miss.fab: Maybe you should...good luck with your plans.

    Remi: Focus...never hurts to do just that. How are you?
    Wish you all the best this week :)

    Fabulo-la: How do i further convince you...hnnm a video tutorial. I'm just saying ;)

    chayoma: Fun eh...

    The Girl with the Red Hair:Yep you need to just that..

    Rose: Haven't sen you in a minute...doing great-hope you are too. Nice seeing you on here, and have a fab. week!

  8. did you say tweet. why is everybody tempting me to tweet. I SHALL OVERCOME..

    how are you

  9. I'm always listing things in my itenary. like send xxx a facebook makes me feel silly but oh well..I need to remind myself... p.s. I twittered you!


  10. BSNC: Join the train...

    bob-ij: Oh really..will send u a PM.

  11. interesting plans you have there.hope you accomplish them.

    if i list my plans for the week, you will laugh and laugh and laugh.. until you forget yourself.

  12. sunnyside: Please list them...need some comedy in my life right about now :)


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